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Campaign of it yeah it was other people wasn't trump now trump not a spy because those spine going on most part nothing inappropriate but we we do where i'm i'm with mr karlsson i have no idea why deva's tray gouty or any of them are saying what they're saying now i don't know i they i would love for them to explain that to our friend mark levin took note and took issue with mr gowdy recently on on his show called him out you know i i don't know that trae gotta was on that program appeared on that program but i know that mr levin you know took him to task for this one i again we you and i when that happened because that happened over a weekend you and i came back for the sunday night monday morning show and we were scratching our heads over the tray gouty seemed to be totally about face on that whole thing now probably people like mark and people like us and i don't want to speak for mark but but i think i'm safe here but it's not enough that you just say something you've got to explain it to us as you said it it must be so right we have no more questions anymore since you have said it and and by the way because tray gouty said something that i agree with before does not mean i need to agree with them today because paul ryan did something that i agreed with yesterday does not mean that i need to agree with them today because president trump said something yesterday does not mean i have to agree with president trump and what he says today because i disagreed with obama for eight years doesn't mean i'm going to bring him today everything is judged by the substance of what you are saying now and the explanation on a particular topic that you are talking about today please explain i just love the wall gender girls and i love listen i read it because if that's the case then great just like we said to a before all of this we said wait let it all out let let the american people see everything let's find out where this entire thing began and why it began based on what criminal event or suspected criminal event can you point to why was the spy i'm sorry we don't form it where yeah we don't like this confusion and so when.

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