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Listening to Fox. CIA generally clear skies we have through the 19 hours. Whether looks pleasant lows in the low seventy's sun and clouds ahead for Saturday and Sunday with afternoon highs and a little bit 80 sunny weather high in the mid eighties Monday for Labor Day I'm meteorologist Mark Thibodeaux from the Weather Channel. I'm one of 61 of them talk Next news in 30 minutes. Follow us on social media go to one of 61 FM talk dot com To connect is not known for his modesty. A positive thinker. I can't help What he is known for is I'm just a purveyor of Rush Limbaugh was right on the money Monday at noon on one on one of them Talk and I heart radio station. It's a boat. So what do you have plans this Labour day weekend? Why not add some good food to your fun from state or brothers markets? Yeah. Like bone in rib eye steaks at 5 £99 boneless, skinless chicken breast and pork spareribs are just a dollar £49 and get your ice chests ready. Selected 36 packs of Bud and Bud Light and the 24 pack of Bud Light. Seltzer are just 1999. So sit back, relax and enjoy. Happy Labor day from all of us at state or brothers markets. It all started with the grilled cheese sandwich. Two simple pieces of bread some butter on a slice of American cheese. But after making it day after day week after week, I hungered for more Colby provolone Gouda, But Buddha wasn't good enough. I wanted great, I added tomatoes, pickles, jalape O see if I.

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