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Need services that need your laws to protect them as well right and it's counter to to to a lot of the stereo types that we have thought about in the past with regards to the rural demographic no question how to the roads we go Mister Brian noble standing by easing up in a number of spots are freeways like eighty from Roseville back to the limit nine minutes to the cap cities but got a spot of heavy traffic right around Douglas in Roseville on the eastbound side westbound cap city freeway still pretty slow the split to downtown at sixteen minutes especially heavy into you get across the American river this report is right by car truck stop it getting it from elk Grove on I five that's back down to a sixteen minute trip in still twenty four minutes on highway ninety nine so that's maybe traffic on the southbound side right around fruit ridge road no indication of any accidents but expect a bit of a delay it's rather brief then once you get past forty seven now we getting word of an accident at forty seven in the center divide and so that's why we have a bit of a slow down there also got a report of a fan in the roadway box. van northbound ninety nine eight village road was in the left lane looks like they may have gotten that out of there causing a back up to our no road that standing out now fifty westbound from Paulsson twenty four minutes into downtown heaviest traffic is from Brad shot a how if you're coming from woodland on I five twenty eight minutes to downtown no delays coming in from Davis sixteen minutes in there does your truck meet carb cleaner requirements if not new compliance checks will affect your DMV registration they'll put the brakes on your business to learn more visit a RB dot CA dot gov slash truck stop traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Ryan nobles news ninety three point one K. F. B. gag does he wants an excessively dry weather may result in a high fire threat of the next several days will see plenty of sunshine today the highs.

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