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Was the day that Manson family member Leslie Van Houten went before the state parole board again a third time. And for a third time. She was recommended found suitable for release again by the California board a parole hearings. The previous two times that he was found suitable for release. It was blocked by then governor Jerry Brown. Who determined that? She was laying too much of the blame on Manson as you'll remember Van Houten took full responsibility for the crime this go round, which according to her lawyer might help her achieve parole. She was not part of the killings that took the life of Sharon Tate and four others. She was responsible for the death of gross early. No, lie Bianca and his wife, Rosemary the following evening. So now her fate is and governor Gavin Newsom hands the recommendation or the finding of being suitable for release by the California board of parole hearings has to with stand a one hundred fifty day review process. If at that point. The suggestion is still to release her. It still has to be approved by governor Gavin Newsom now in attendance yesterday was Sharon Tate. Attending the hearing. And she said that she hoped the governor would deny van Houten's freedom. Just thinking outside the box here. And I'm not saying that this is what I believe. I'm just asking the question should someone who wasn't a part of that incident be allowed to wait in. On her future. In other words. She didn't have anything to do with the tape murder. So why was Sharon Tate there to recommend one way or the other? That would be like if Kerry was charged with isn't Sharon Tate, dead. But Leslie Van Houten wasn't there. Leslie, Van Houten wasn't on trial accused were sentenced because of the depth of Sharon Tate that was the night before. Right. So why would Sharon Tate? I'm just asking the question. It's like of charity murdered somebody. And then you murdered somebody the next night. And then I'm the brother of the person that you Mr. team murdered. And I go to charities hearing and say charity shouldn't be released charity didn't have anything to do with the murder you committed, but I was a part of the same Colt. She was sentenced for. Yeah. I'm just asking the question just something to think about w o a news time seven fifty six. When I had my brother, take me places. It was always like we have to get there early..

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