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Just it's whatever i'm if you own star lord in general but it's it's not my particular relationship for pride no and this is when you see their whole plan for that transmitter. That wolverine gave them as they build this little device which helps them like. Use their power still for a small radius. I think it is yeah. It'll it'll disable those anti mutant collars. They're all married so that they can use the power to go back in time and it news. Cool it when you see magnetometer knows no wheelchair like his davir. Yeah it's it's a really cool because you just see when when he first rolls into the scene all you see is the back of the wheelchair so your your first thing and you don't see the body in it you're just thinking oh baby this is executor. Even though you just saw his gravestone magnates really cool and this is when rachel summers then their whole plan is to send kitty pryde back in time to stop it. Assassination attempt or assassination of xavier. More mctaggart and senator robert kelly with rachel summers power. She's able to send kitty pryde back to herself. Back in one thousand nine hundred and they choose kitty pryde because again. She's at the time that she goes back in time She's brand new so she doesn't have any of the psychic defenses. And that's how she gets back into hurled body because like all the other x men are trained like you're not gonna get wolverine back in his body. You're not gonna be able to get storm or warren worthington but kitties new. She's not really. She's not even had her first. Danger rim test. Which is the next few pages which are so funny so they send kitty pryde back in time. It makes so much sense. I do like those. I do like the dane panels. And i just love scene angel. Even though i like archangel better but he's a character was really grown on me over the years yeah. He's very very awesome. Character arc overtime because angel itself is pretty boring. I would say because only does fly around but ark angel is so fascinating. His stuff with apocalypse is so good. There's so many good stories to be told there. I'm very happy where they took his character. And the whole thing where she says she just screw it up almost getting killed and not prepared for it and then the next couple the next page to two shows when she tried dangerous for herself and she's just passing every test just fine with their ability to face your everything. Yeah so she walks into the danger room and the x men are all fighting these like huge machines in like. It's very dangerous and all these things and everyone's worried about her and then they prep her for her own test because a very classic x men trope at this time. Is you know new x men. They got across the dangerous. Like that's all you gotta do. You gotta get from one end of the room to the other awful that okay. So this is a reference to normal thing. Then that i would like it's been in other stories but this is icon..

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