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Kbc dot com his stories you want to share curated for you. Fair and honest. Check it out kbc dot com Traffic Next Wanna get groceries? Alexa can help with that. Wanna get the temperature She could help with that, too. Want to get it right? Just say let's to enable the KBC am skill. Okay, Here's a M 7 90 k A. B. C Yeah. Ktbc dependable traffic. Big problems on the Wonder one. Studio city, the one on one South bound after a cold water Canyon stall, blocking the middle lane. Stop and go from the 45 Echo Park on the one on one South bound before Benton Way stalled car blocking the right lane. Traffic is stopped from Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood on the water one this time north bound before Hollywood Boulevard. Three car crash blocking the left lane. Traffic completely stopped from Alvarado Rowland Heights on the 60 eastbound at Fairway Drive brushfire being reported on the right shoulder. Traffic is stopping go from Seventh Avenue. That's dependable traffic. I'm Kevin Trip on a M. 7 90 K a. B C chef Jamie Gwen here, Do you crave a juicy, delicious steak like I do when I want to tender filet, a luscious rib eye or a hardy New York I choose Harris Ranch Beef. Harris Ranch has been ranching in California since 1937 and their beef is first rate in quality and flavor. Grass raised in grain, finished Harris Ranch guarantees, tenderness and paramount taste. I've always.

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