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The only thing that i could see happening is for the nfl to place more of an emphasis on the ruling on the field and you know this was the case couple years back it seems they've gone away from that uh you know because a lot of times what this is is is not is the rule writer not it does it screw with our expectations of the rule so if you want something you think it's a catch and all of the sudden some guy in in office in new york overrules it everyone gets upset so i wouldn't be surprised to see him just go back to kind of sticking with sticking you know with what would the call on the field khanna moving on from there but otherwise you know the the better replay gets the better technology gets the harder it is to figure out what a catches are not taken around the league with a rappaport of nfl network's ian is there are growing sense the john bruton may actually took part the broadcast booth this year will return to coaching yes yes there is an every year we do this right every year we talk about the groomers which is the grund rumors and they're fun and i love thrown them around a united source close to him tell me today this feels different it feels different from the past year zeno there'd be some forte shen in in you know that anyone take a job or a win interview and all of a sudden he get a new deal dsp n this feels different in you know the possibility of taking dirk carter's job with the bucks you know his old team stars a lotta ties there doesn't even need a by house because he started the house there.

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