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Dot com with you for a pittsburgh steelers injury report podcast and this is one of those where i have to be honest. There are very few days very few games where a fan base might be looking forward to seeing what the injury report has in store for their particular team in the pittsburgh steelers fan base absolutely was anxious to see what this wednesday report will be leading up to the week. Three game against the cincinnati bengals at heinz field so as all the fans know there were a ton of injuries that the steelers dealt with leading up to the week. Two game against the vegas raiders. Did joe haden with a groin. Devin bush with a groin missed the game or inactive. Carlos davis missed the game with a knee injury. T. j. watt left the game with his own one injury tyson alalu broke his ankle and therefore he's basically almost done for the year and then deontay johnson. He was injured at the very end of the game. And so with all these injuries and then you come to find out on tuesday during my tomlin's press conference that alex highsmith has a groin. Injury and ben rothlisberger has a pectoral injury and steelers fans. Heads are about to explode. You feel like the scene from dumb and dumber where there are pets. Heads are falling off so wednesday. Finally rolls around. Everyone's waiting four o'clock. Pm eastern time here comes. The injury report here is what it is. Let's keep in mind. This is wednesday and why normally always say. Take it with a grain of salt. People do take it with a grain of salt. It's just wednesday. This injury report carries some weight not a ton but it carries some weight. You understand as we go through it. All right quarterback ben rothlisberger who normally gets wednesdays off. He had a pact has a pectoral injury as his designation and did not practice. I'm not shocked. Barajas burger did not practice today. He was in front of the media wednesday morning. He said it's it's definitely hurts him. Non throwing shoulder. So that's a good thing. But still a pectoral injury is it can be a serious injury. Depending on the injury itself did not practice. we'll see if he returns in some shape reform on thursday wide. Receiver deontay johnson. Who like i said injured. His knee at the very last play did not practice alice highsmith's with his groin. Injury did not practice. Carlos davis with his knee. Injury did not practice and eric. Hebron brown was given the day off. Coach's decision and so right off the bat. You're thinking jeff. This is awful news. All these players you just named are pretty important. Players didn't even practice. It gets better. So joe haden with his groin injury. He was able to practice in a limited fashion. I know not a full participant. But that's him working his way back. We'll see how the body heals meaning. How's it respond to his workload on wednesday the thing about groins. It's very similar to hamstring. Right when you think you're fine just takes one little movement and then you're you're back on the shelf so we'll see. Keep your eye on. Joe haden a new injury. Justin lane with an achilles limited. The big names t. j. watt with a groin injury was limited in practice again. Probably very similar to joe. Haden take it easy seeing how it goes and then on thursday and friday seeing how responds and we'll see i'm being cautiously optimistic and last best. News of all devon bush with his injury was a full participant. Says good news. Barring a setback the you would expect bush to be ready to go for sunday in the steelers first. Afc north divisional game. So it's wednesday. There's some good news and bad news for the steelers. What about the other side of the football. The the side of the field. The cincinnati bengals. Here's their injury report for wednesday september twenty second wide receiver t hagan's with a shoulder. Injury did not practice guard. Xavier sufi low with a knee. Did not practice defensive tackle. Josh powell are too. I don't know how you say. But it's personal. He added not an injury. Related did not practice quarterback trae wayne's with a hamstring injury. Did not practice defensive. Tackle larry on my gosh. These names are killing me. Oguchi with a groin limited and then. Lastly cornerback areas phillips. Not injured related was limited as well. He's given some time off so some big names. They're mainly trae wayne's and higgins for the cincinnati bengals to keep an eye on both of those players did not practice but let's be honest. Everyone's attention is going to be on the pittsburgh steelers as they are getting ready to a lot of people feel. It's a must-win game. I might not go that far but it is a game of serious significance ends. Everyone's kind of keeping an eye out for the steelers and how these injuries play out. Especially on the defensive side of the ball as well as ben rothlisberger of course so make sure you stay tuned behind the steel curtain dot com. While you're pittsburgh steelers needs as well as all of where where we get your podcast or steelers are behind the steel curtain subscribe. Follow do whatever.

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