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Because I get about thirteen calls a day. I hate it. The worst. I've I've got one the other day. It was my phone number who for for these things to be happening. So frequently they have to be working, right? A certain percentage of people have to be given credit card numbers over. There was one. There was one robocaller that was making like seven hundred thousand dollars a month. How scams it's mostly older folks that are so obvious. It's a scam. How do I know that I did not win the lottery, and I did not get a free cruise. Okay credit card. Everything is so generic they call it they call and in my my computer was down. I said which one they said your windows, computer. I said why have multiple which one the windows, computer? I don't know they're talking about. I just want access. So Greg's got the robocall problem. Yeah. And he wants to fix the robocall problem. Hi, greg. So so so we've done a lot about robocalls. So tell me tell me what what you've tried this far. I'll be seventy percent of the calls that I get on the landline or my cell phone. They're either telemarketers. Or the robo calls, and you know, sometimes there's no. There you start talking handed off to some operator and the way I used to deal with it was to crank up the music really loud and stick the tone. Kind of time consuming. Michigan to hold it there about a minute. Yeah. Good. I'm just wondering is there any way of taking revenge? Well, we wrote about Lenny on the website. Did you see that? Okay. And so basically what Lenny is it's an automated chat. But so the whole idea is that when you get a robocall instead of holding that phone up to the speaker of loud music instead of getting upset and yelling at them that you would use Lennie Lennie. I'll tell ya is a telemarketers nightmare because Lenny is an older guy who just likes to ramble and see now robocalls. They need to get in and out. They want to get you on the phone gets you to the next level. Get your credit card get you signed up and moved on. They don't want to waste time with anything other than that. So the idea is that you could use Lenny Lenny's, actually humorous now our very own Mike James he has taken upon himself to give us a little snippet of leading. Can we take this? This is Lenny pillows Jeffrey there. Sorry. I can barely hear you there. This is Jack kimbrel takeover CPI on behalf of the national police. The reason for the calls were sitting for sponsor Dr Trump's going to help her death benefit fund for the families of officers. Wills lobbying for tougher laws for the more solid criminals. If we were to send you a support envelope. Get the officers count on you to return a one time donation drive. This is. Okay. Thank you so much. Now, we have several levels of support. Go sponsor, it's for fifty the silver thirty five in the Bronx most popular it's only twenty five for you. Good. Yes. Yes. Okay. So you kind of get the gist, right? Greg. I mean. Yeah. So so what you're going to do is you're gonna you're you're going to like take this robocall? And then you're gonna instead of you answering the questions you're going to keep them on the line for like five minutes was this automated chat bot who basically listens for a a silence of the conversation before he response for the chat pot response. Okay. So do you want to try? Oh, yeah. Okay. All right. So here's what you do..

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