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Ken sagoes i believe. That's how you pronounce it as Rolling kincaid kincaid rodney eastman as joey jennifer rubin as taryn larry fishburne fishburne. Excuse me not lawrence. It was going by larry. Time as max and bradley gregg phillip anderson. We remember bradley. Greg from class of nineteen ninety nine ninety nine right was he in that. I don't remember yes. He was the star. Okay movie that was the one that had pam grier right. Yeah he was the outcome mcdowell. Yes he was the main kid. Okay who just got released from from my l. or whatever. Yeah that's him bradley. Greg ira hedin as will stanton and penelope sudreau as jennifer caulfield. This budget of the this movie was four point. Six million dollars box office lot more net forty four point eight million dollars loom. This was the movie. Yeah and this one. That turned freddy kruger into a familiar name. This movie launched a thousand nightmares. This was a lot of people's first movie. I think that they watched of freddie and this was not my first one but this was definitely the first one that i was aware of. It was being released because it did come out and eighty seven. So i was like ten so i like new. Who freddie was at this point. I'd seen the other to move the previous two movies at this point and i was excited about this one and then from this is where we got action figures and plush toys and all sorts of stuff. I think it was freddy krueger for halloween this year or could have been the following year. I'm not sure. I probably was to around this time. Yeah it was either. Eighty seven or eighty eight iron. My costume. i got one of my dad's work gloves and we stapled popsicle sticks to it and then wrapped the popsicle sticks. I did. I did a very similar thing My dad had like brown work gloves. And i put cardboard. I traced cardboard into like razor nice gloves and then i wrapped them in tin foil and a shink. I didn't even have like a a red and green sweater. I think i had a purple and black striped leg. Long-sleeve shirt was made with that. And then i remember. My mom did The makeup my face was all i war for like the sweater. I think i wouldn't need. It just had the glove on. It wasn't on your hand clip here just one finger the pinky.

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