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He's he's in every man in some regards while being part of the immigrant uh the situation that is the melting pot of america until the current administration and then it's uh apparently some sort of cleansing is happening uh sam you at a follow up question rank no sir oh interesting seems like you always had in the past i will coming up snake on regional record as i had sam our technical director do we do we talk lastly about either one of the following gun and that's up on you gave us here here are the option okay can talk about either your time in the following project who wore were the world's luca the green hornet working with diane keaton and pill a bill condon's told it is difficult choices now knife fight with legend rob lowe or news room with erin sorkin and lastly the snatch or just niche actually with the dwayne the rock whom hopefully our next president um it's a good question dilem doubt state of play i did oh interesting okay let's see let's see which one do i wanna talk amounts um altalaa gcc syria is a good question uh meet well read too many offences the us jets cheesecake factory menu juicy question i mean it will tell so come little stories from show the world more the world i was cut out of sure uh i had a scene with tom cruise in a bar before the war of the world begins basically he's a dockworker and he can nc shift like he worsened nightshift or something so ends it like no seven in the morning and we got drinking and then he at this bar forgets his kid and goes in russia's we have like a scene and then he rushes out and goes and meets his kid and the and his wife is like your laid you're always lately sure and and said that the movie goes from him at the docks and then like he's doing something and then he just goes right in his wife's like you're late because it you know i i like to think it wasn't a tear it wasn't cut because i was terrible but who knows it were uh a was cut because of your time.

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