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If there's a leaky gut situation the second scenario is same kind of experimental design except for you. Stop confusing fat into these people so it's called interloop it. It's about twenty percent twenty to thirty percents soy fat depending on which one to two percent foster that'll choline in derived from egg yolks and guess what the same thing happens is by putting more fat droplets into the bloodstream you can shuttle out the immune irritating rotating endotoxin. Isn't this a most elegant approach to a her climber reaction or a serious reaction by virtue of it just supporting the appropriate physiological channels that the body has used for hundreds of thousands millions of years to dealing with the so I I I do find that it would be nice to have rigorous scientific data on the natural medicine agents that we use but I think also the reality is the nature of chronic conditions is so complex in terms of the multi ideological multi symptom and multi body. I systems involvement that designing beautiful research like for example Dr Phil Bredesen's is a pioneer in this field is to use the scientific vic principles towards complex conditions that is not just a single stimulus response analysis so I can't say it more elegantly than he does is that instead of trying to use a silver bullet or a single from acidic approach. Let's have a shot on full of silver bullets and take care of these conditions. That sounds fascinating. That sounds fascinating. You'll have to share with me where all that research is. I don't know if it's on pubmed and people oh can look for that. You know what the problem is. Sometimes it's the it's the verbiage that you use if you don't write the exact search words you don't find what you want so that's important so pupil shouldn't just give up if if they're really interested in finding more about out this okay so so we've got very important listen to the history second we've got let's look at what possibility is in the body. Let's look at a variety of things. We're not just looking for line. We'll keep calling factions. We might be looking for mold toxicity. We probably looking for L. P. S. We want to find out if the person has you know excess amount of that and then we've got to start our protocols. We have to start okay. Where do you start. Do you start always with the infections. Do you start with the dea start with you know adding digestive enzymes times in a phospholipid a coaling. What how do you start and? I know what you're GONNA say. You're going to say cindy every patient's different we we have to go with what that patient needs. I but ideally if you have someone that meets more or less the standard criteria unless pretend we all meet the standard criteria what is next. I think next is find the low hanging fruit in somebody with dental infections actions send them to the dentist or the biological benefits to take care of that if there's gum disease addressed that if there is unfortunately all too common one if there's accessible mold exposure at home at work in your car your place of worship you must take care of the mold exposure if there's active infections so for example if you're hearing be cyclical patterns off take on relapsing fever or it gets Llosa's or since since then take care of that in a way that is appropriate for the situation for the patient's level of vitality their level off essentially the ability to burden pay the burden of the response and if you can think of Harwood's is sixty six point plan you know if they're sixteen nails in in your foot see how many of those nails you can pull out so that at least you can take some of the the pain and the Antigen examination out it. I find that a systems biology approach is the most sensible thing like I said. If you listen very carefully the body tells you where to start taught and typically. It's those areas that make the most noise that are the most bothersome the the areas through which the body lets you know that there's disharmony money in the system so I think that's a very important thing and then unfortunately the reality is that there are so many patients that now have asper the CDC website to brush yourself. This is a a term that is currently thought to be offensive and not good but I want to shine light on this I want to arid out and sun this on Sept and validated and it's post treatment lyme syndrome old that says is that you you haven't applied a very thorough very methodical systems approach to this person and yes you know you've beaten to death with years of antibiotics but you haven't tended the rest of the patients system and I find one of the most useful guides and this is a researcher that I respect tremendously Dr Robert Navio and the cell danger response so he's published three papers since about twenty fourteen fifteen fifteen through to last year when the eighteen that studies the commonalities between patients with various chronic fatigue associated conditions from lyme disease mold illness fibromyalgia autism asperger's Alzheimer's etc and again it demonstrates the incredible wisdom of our biology and that's why I mentioned earlier. We are survival and healing machines but only when we're able to so Dr Nephews findings is that when the system is insulted by various insults so inflammatory toxic Nick psycho-emotional traumatic mechanical The system sell goes into a default survival response and eat them that the cell danger injure response and it involves several changes I'll just name a few to be easy on time but the Mike Andrea literally change range from being beautiful elongated energy production machines. That's in a Mesh of filaments where they consume oxygen and in the presence of calories oxygen you produce. ATP FOR ENERGY THE CONTRACT becomes smaller through a process of vision and more dense than they get clumped together and they consume oxygen to form Ros reactive oxygen species as an and attempt to prevent ingress of viruses bacteria into the Seltzer. It's a protective mechanism. The Cell Membrane which is one of the key the elements in what I believe is to be the new medicine for chronic conditions and for certainly the next generation is that when the cell sal goes into the survival response the self preservation response the cell membrane becomes stiff and waxy instead of being very very elegant and semi fluid semi permeable or selectively permeable barrier between the inside of Sahlin the outside of the cell it becomes waxy and Steph again to provide a more robust structural barriers to the entry of microbes and you're talking about spells everywhere. You're not talking. One set of cells people have to understand were trillions of cells all over our body. We'd like to take a moment to thank our sponsors. Botanical medicines are an important part of the.

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