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Of heart about religion. So that's i suppose the main thing but certainly in the immediate aftermath of the decision to leave was an awful lot of family tension and lots of very difficult conversations and it was a very very stressful. And you know compounded by five this of course because you indoctrination is so strong. You'll going through selective existential crisis in doubting yourself a tough return thinking about making a huge mistake you know. How could it be the mine. Anti perception of of the willed and on the future is actually accurate and everyone else is wrong so yeah is a very very unpleasant thing to go through that process. And that's why my book is called the reluctant apostates. I'm obviously not reluctant. Now i'm quite glad i'm prostate book at the time you've you have lots of trepidation when it comes to questioning you'll beliefs you've talked about shunning. Dis village shipping disassociating. Is this always appellative of the hope is witnessed culture for anyone who wants to lead the organization and how does it work for the sultan a spectrum when it comes to shunning mentioned before by the sociation they use this and in the bible by the association spoil useful will habits and they use not to dissuade people from higher education. But you can be quote unquote by the association even as the jehovah's witness and experience a degree of shunning regardless of whether you've actually done anything wrong so let's say for example you you know you have your hat on certain way. Oh you aerosols about fit. This is deemed worldly or becomes knowledge public knowledge. That you'll watching films that the organization doesn't approve you will be associated with the grapevine will swing in action and you know in hushed tones. You know it will be made clear that you'll by association and not someone to be socialized with so even though when you go to the kingdom hall people will still be speaking to you. You know you'll still going to have. You're going to see an impact and you're going to see a degree of ostracism. There's also such thing as mocking web. I if you're doing something that isn't specific. Lay at prohibited but it still going against the advice of the elders that will be given name isn't mentioned but what you're doing is spelled out very clearly so that people know who it is. That's being spoken about. An the idea is that they're not allowed to socialize with you anymore. But they can still talk to you the meetings or doing the preaching so that's another level of ostracism but the ultimate level of ostracism of course if you either leave through disassociating which is scientists all if you all ejected due to having done something wrong which is this fellowship paying. Let's talk about blood transfusions in the the refusal of them in the way that works you've been involved in in work sort of opposing. Hospital liaison committees water. This hospital the as on committees am of of the jehovah's witnesses and how are they involved when patients are in a life threatening situation in might need a blood transfusion so hospital. Liaison committees are salts of elite groups of elders. Each congregation has its own body of elders. But let's say in a circus of congregations that will be a hospital liaison committee. That's kind of comprised of the cream of the crop of elders from that circuit and these elders on tasked with ingratiating themselves with local hospitals. And making sure if a jehovah's witnesses admitted to hospital and there's a likelihood of a blood transfusion the the hospital. The doctors or the nurses are on bold and basically willing to make sure that the patient doesn't receive blood that's basically the modus operandi. And of course when you throw into the mix the reason why. I've been so vocal in written a blog obstacle the national secular society. You know when you throw into the mix the five that a jehovah's witness can be penalized if they receive a blood transfusion quote unquote willingly and unrepentantly. You can see why it's deeply deeply inappropriate for hospitals to be essentially holding the door open for these groups of elders. Why did you think hospitals assay willing to do that. I think that there is sort of a climate of deference to religion in many areas of society and in. I can imagine if i were. You know on the on the board of trustees at the hospital lewisham thing i would be thinking. Well you know this is just the same. As a catholic priest perhaps coming to the bedside on administering the last rites all giving pastoral care too. You know a patient you know. How is this any different while it is completely different because in almost any of the case when some when a minister of religion or rob i or whatever attends a hospital bed. There isn't really the likelihood of them. Penalizing the patient depending on what medical decision they make. But in the case of jehovah's witnesses is absolutely something that could happen and will happen if the wrong decision is made on of course because there at the bedside they have a grandson view and can reach conclusions as to whether blood was received willingly and unrepentantly on You know it's worth noting jehovah's witnesses of course will say well there's never going to be a situation arise. Wha a jehovah's witness will accept blood you know we don't accept the could even be a thing but i've you know in counted on it. Dotes of where people in. That situation have relented. You know you just never know no matter how much you believe that you know having. A blood transfusion is akin to full indication and a violation of your body. And that's how i believe. That's what i believe is jehovah's witness. You just never know how you might feel when death is imminent on. You know that you're going to die unless you receive a blood transfusion on one thing that you know. We found with the national secular society. When we looked into this there are indeed. You know studies have been done that have shown in a given hospital. You know his. How many jehovah's witnesses were treated and look a small percentage did in the end agree to receiving at least one of the main components of blood. So there's always this likelihood that jehovah's witness might want to save their lives in receive blood and then you have these men in suits the side who are literally tasked with making show that they don't receive blood. You can understand why it's inappropriate for hospitals to be allowing influence on the patient's bedside he's been a coup participant in inquiry into the witnesses attempts to cover up inquiries into child abuse. Narrow narrowcast station..

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