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I hope that give you some ideas. And if you can, if we can help you, you let us know. Alright, good stuff there. Let's keep rolling right along 844580 Wdbo. We're going to talk with Enrique calling in from Orlando. Enrique. Welcome to the show. How we doing today? Larry, we're doing great. Now that you've called in. What can we do for you? Fantastic. I got a little mystery. I'm guessing it's the evaporator, but I'm not sure. Um, have a 2000 and 17 Toyota camera. Up until probably a month ago. Uh, I was having a situation where every now and then I get in the car started up and then the wouldn't turn on and I was like Nothing's blowing. Uh at all it just like Had all turn the gears all the way onto the on fully see and nothing's coming on, and I'm wondering what's going on. Maybe the evaporator died on me. I pulled it out. Thinking. Maybe something got stuck in the evaporator and wasn't letting it spin. Um and I turned it on. And then all of a sudden I see it spinning perfectly fine. I'm like, okay, no problem. I put it back in And then up until a couple weeks ago. I every now and then I'll park it in a hot spot. And it stays in the sun for a long period of time. And the first thing you want is fully when you get in that car in oven. And and I turned the car on and nothing is blowing out. I'm like, Oh, my God. Thank God the power windows work because and that I drive down the road for a little bit, and it finally kicks on. So I'm I'm curious. What could be the situation there? What does that maybe sound like to you? I'm sure Now, your great ideas and Rick Kay. Let me ask you this question here. Now, Um, if you roll the windows down and get that hot air kind of flushed out of the car itself. Yeah, the starts working after that correct. Yes, it's hugely like a five or 10 minute delay. And then it kicks in. And, uh, thank God. Okay. All right. Let me let me tell you, Um there's there's not a technical service bulletin on this. But I think what you're going to need to have done is, uh, climate control, re flash and let me explain to you what's going on here? There's there's not a part that's going to fix your car. Everything is working as it is. Design the blower motor, your vaporetto er everything is working the way it's supposed to. It is a programming issue with the the computer system and your A C control. That vehicle has a son load sensor in it, and what it does is That kind of, um well, it lets the system know how efficient to operate because it's one of those variable. Um, a C systems. You know that that requires last horse power from the engine give you better fuel economy. But what's happening is here in Florida. You are exceeding what they have that son load sensor program four. Let's just say for an example from the factory their programming all these cameras. To have a perimeter somewhere between, uh, minus 25 degrees to, uh, let's say somewhere in the neighborhood of, uh 130 degrees. And what's happening is with the windows rolled up and that vehicle setting out in direct sunlight here in central Florida on 100 degree day, you may be getting temperatures inside that vehicle of upwards of 160 degrees. I mean you're talking about, you know, hot enough to start melting plastic, and if it's exceeding what it is actually programmed for then it will not come back on and start working efficiently until it cools off inside the car a little bit. I know it sounds back ass words, but that's how it works. And then by rolling the windows down and getting some air to flush throughout the car and cool that system down at Sun load sensor. Then, of course, it will go ahead and reapply the blower motor and turn the compressor on and get you back cold again. But what we'll have to most likely happened with this is that system is going to need to be re flashed. New software is going to have to be put into that system in order for him to work correctly. When you have severe, extremely hot interior situations, it's it's we We have seen this on Cadillacs a lot. And then if you look online, A C, uh you know, 2000 and seven camera or whatever. There's a few complaints with some other folks having the same exact problem and you know they're starting to throw parts at it. But the parts not going to fix this. See just by you drop in the interior temperature a little bit. This systems coming back to life, and it's working. Absolutely flawless. So it's just the sun load sensor inside the car itself is not. It's not being program. It wasn't program correctly. Evidently, when the car was built, um But a re flash for the computer system on that car should take care of every bit of that. So be careful when you take it in somewhere, and somebody wants to start selling your part. That's not going to fix this new software will fix it. Alright, Here we go. We got to take a quick break for the three big things you need to know. And then, Dave, you're going to close us out calling them from Altamont. You're listening to the magic mechanic Show on Wdbo, one of 73 of feminine 5 80. Now..

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