Jimmie Foxx, Alex Rodriguez, Hank Aaron discussed on ESPN Radio


The end of a career is near. For Albert Pools, it has been quite a run one of the best of all time. His greatness began immediately, and for more than a decade, it never stopped who holds one the rookie of the year in 2001, hitting 3 29 with 37 home runs. 130 are beyond his 1st 10 seasons with the Cardinals were arguably the best 1st 10 seasons of anyone in history. He is the on Lee player to hit 300 with 30 homers and 100 are the eyes in each of his 1st 10 years who holds 13 M V P awards. He finished second four times. And in 10 of his 1st 11 seasons, he finished in the top five, cardinals won the world Syriza in 2006 and 2011 with pool halls as the team's best player and its leader in every way. On and off. The field, who holds his career with the Angels was filled with injuries and playing through pain. His career average dipped 2 to 98 but is 667 homers and 3253 hits puts him with Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Alex Rodriguez as the only players ever. 600 homers and 3000 hits after Lou Gehrig, the greatest first baseman of all time is either Jimmie Foxx or Albert Pool who holds showed up every day ready to play T hit and to win. He was indeed the machines that some rare.

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