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Election election should be polarizing, um, hoping the country could come back together after this and ready to ride bomb in. Let's Let's get moving with life. NPR's Windsor Johnson reports, The outcome of the Georgia races will effectively set the parameters for President elect Joe Biden's first two years in office. A sweep for Democrats would not only shift the balance of power in the Senate, allowing the party of the incoming president to decide what moves forward in the chamber and what doesn't Would also flip the leadership in all of the Senate committees. By contrast, a Republican majority could sink not on Lee, the Democrats legislative agenda but also the Biden administration's Cabinet and judicial nominees. Democrats Jon Ossoff's and Raphael Warnock have been locked in tight races with Republicans Kelly Leffler and David Perdue. If either one of the incumbents wins, the GOP will retain control of the Senate. The Democrats need both with Vice President elect Kamila Harris serving as the tie breaking vote. Windsor Johnston. NPR News Tomorrow will also be a big day on Capitol Hill. Vice President Mike Pence presides over Congress's tally of electoral college votes to affirm Joe Biden's election victory. Some Republicans. They're planning to stand with President Trump in his bid to reverse the results. But vice president Pence is legally bound to respect the electoral college vote count. However, doing so could mean publicly incurring trumps anger and now to covert 19. Scientists say Covad 19 can damage the brain in ways that may increase the risk. Of Alzheimer's disease. NPR's Jon Hamilton reports on research in the journal, Alzheimer's and dementia. Scientists reviewed dozens of studies showing how covert 19 can affect the brain. They found evidence that a Corona virus infection can cause both inflammation in the brain and a weakening of the barrier that usually protects the brain from harmful substances in the blood stream. Hey there. Snyder of the Alzheimer's Association, says those changes could lead to brain problems. Years after an infection is gone. We know that those are important in Alzheimer's disease, and we're seeing them play a key role here in covert 19. So the Alzheimer's Association has joined a consortium of researchers from more than 30 countries to study the brain health of people who have recovered from cove in 19. The scientists will look for changes in memory and thinking. Jon Hamilton NPR news at last check on Wall Street, The Dow Jones industrial average was up 227 points for three quarters of a percent since he opened at 30,449. This is NPR news live from KQED News on Paul Land core. Google says it does not recognize the union more than 200. Workers at Alphabet, the parent company of Google have announced they're forming KQED Sam Harnett reports. Worker activism that Google has been growing over issues like contracts with the military and the firing of employees have spoken out. In 18 22,000 workers walked out to protest sexual harassment, lack of diversity in the second class status of temps and contractors, which account for over half the company's workers. Engineer Alexander Peterson is one of the union organizer's We really want to save alphabet from itself. Stop it from becoming just another one of Thies. Huge, inhuman, faceless entities that just bulldozes humanity for the sake of profit in a statement, Google did not recognize the union, which includes contractors and service workers along with programmers. But the unions, 200 members is only a tiny fraction of the company's 260,000 Some odd workers. I'm Sam Harnett. KQED NEWS. SAN Francisco Health officials want to cancel this year's homeless count. The biennial point in time count is mandated by the federal government. It requires hundreds of volunteers and helps determine how much money and resources are needed. To address this city's homelessness crisis, The Chronicle reports. City health officials say it just can't be done this year because of the pandemic. The last tally found 8000 unsheltered people of 17% increase. Board that oversees the city's count, voted yesterday to request a federal exemption. I'm Paul Land Core KQED news. Support for NPR comes from whom a cloud based phone service for small businesses with an automated virtual receptionist and mobility features to run their businesses from anywhere. More oom, a dot com and by the listeners and members.

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