Democratic Party, Nazis, America discussed on Stansberry Investor Hour - 12: Will this Tech Company Suffer?


Third of all the both target a kind of racial minority in the case of the nazis and jews in the case will decline it's blacks and so difficult to racial terrorist organizations and yet they are an extension of a political party in germany the nazi party in america the democratic party so i started out by just noticing these similarities but i didn't realize up the nazis actually got some of their most destructive and homicidal ideas from the progressive democrats than in the book i mentioned several of those but are urologist mentioned for example that the nazis got their blueprint for the racial state the nuremberg laws which essentially a made ju second class citizens forbidding intermarriage between germans and jews uh keeping the jews out of certain professions in the form of segregation allowing a racial terrorism against the jews and then later confiscated jewish property the nazis got this blueprint directly from the democrats of the american south they thought that they were starting a new racial state and then some of the nazis wet that basically wait a minute in america they've already done this the democrats have already figured it out we don't have to invent it from scratch we just need to take their laws crossed out the word black and right in there were two and were home free that is scary stuff and then also those who perfectly respectable stream of nineteenth century thought about a drawing on darwinian theory about genetic improvement of the world uh and it extended not just two races but also to people with disabilities and you know as as otherwise respectable person is supreme court justice oliver wendell holmes.

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