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Because it has nothing to do with the rest of the season has nothing to do with getting prepared for the ravens. And that's what you really want to do. Right. If they don't win the Super Bowl of Spencer ware comes up one yard short of the goal line in the Super Bowl allow what happen to the titans in Rams in a run that you can say, we'll Karima. Lane. I'm an old school. Put if he comes up one yard short, guess what you can question. Well, maybe they shouldn't dismissed him because he would have gained one more yard Monday week fourteen you want Andy Reid to answer a question. Best to do with something to happen. Full five days ago, or do you want him to answer questions about how team is preparing for the ravens? I would like personally which one which one is more important to you. To you. I know what? Andy Reid is going to say ravens to me priorities Kareem hunt. Okay. If they lose a game to the ravens, you you're okay. We're saying the ravens because we were more concerned with Kareem hunt. A right you Andy Reid thoughts. Are they got a great quarterback that Lamar Jackson kid? He's real dynamic. He can throw. And he does stuff with his legs have to put pressure on them. Anybody can write those statements. It's the same coke. You know, this barbeque Pete. People keep asking if everybody know Andy Reid gonna say prepare for the other team is great. You know? Hey, data ten. So if you know that then why do they keep asking questions every week? Because job to do. I find it. I think it's because the media believes, you know, you're representing the fan and the fan bases. Wondering what Andy Reid says? I just knowing you know, as a media member and be being in a position to ask them questions. I understand where you're both are coming from the he should answer more questions about and he should be open to answering questions about it. I don't know if you wanna call a cowardly, but it it's wrong for sure it's wrong and on your side of it. Where the way I look at it. If I'm the one that's continuing the push push push this in a in a press conference gets closed, and you know, the media looks at me, then I, you know, in a in a way, I'm the bad guy, and in the grand scheme of things covering Andy Reid for the past five years, you ain't getting anything anyway. And so to me, it's like why why bother then why even talk at that point? Why haven't talked to the media? You got Andy Reid going against his former assistant coaches. John Haba was especially in coastal house. John John's a great guys great to have it a staff real good football mind there. There's your quote. See you underestimate the the the humor. They coach read hasn't. If you if you listen long enough, and you you give them a chance you'll find the little the little nuggets of humor. He he got. Right. And it will give you a little humor point here in. If you. That I find it with him. And I I know that there's certainly some people on the station that would disagree with is. He is he tries his absolute best to tell you the truth there times when you know, if he doesn't really want to give you the clear picture of what's happening. He he'd rather not answer the question, and that's what you'll get. Instead. So I appreciate that too. I'm just telling you how it is eight you're the middleman between between the head coach and a guy like deal in lone. Jack is on hold. I understand. That's what the media's job. It must ask Neil when they'll comes on. We're gonna ask him. Listen. On hold for like, twelve minutes. Thank you for waiting deal. Thanks for calling man. What's on your mind? Yeah. I think we I think we should ask Andy Reid when he knew I'll I wanna know for. I know when he knew about this. I mean. I mean. Family and life perspective on the great mood today on that down. Neil. I can't use those words. I don't think he intended to do. I don't think he did. I don't think he did. Sorry, man. Hannukah you drop that we're radio validate him wanting to know when Andy really known. Yes. I'm a man of the people barber. Do we already have a statement says when Reid now not a statement?.

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