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Metro public broadcast for anybody who wanna distort the show by mail. If you're right to me or send them a letter notaro check or any of that kind of stuff. The po box. Four nine one. That's woodinville washington. Zip code is ninety. Zero seven to speak the republican broadcasting. Thanks sports shut that way. A lot of people are comfortable online transaction so anyway back to the content here the the the finally we hear from the boulder pd and they finally name this guy. And here's what it sounds like in i shared with you. What is real name is what he calls himself what he types when he types his own name and on multiple social media accounts it was. I'll isa and here is how the boulder d. for some unreasoned named the suspect ahmed eight h. m. ad l. a. l. And the next word. Eight l i w i last name l. i. s. as in sam s. in sam a. I.

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