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We. You know, took some time for still working on it. But it definitely took some time till I realize that like what I need when when I'm not feeling great is like very different from what Megan needs, and we still to this day. Like, we still work on there still times in like, I'm pressed Megan's like her instinct, do you wanna talk became, you know, like let's and I'm like, no religious need. I'm gonna go like read, my Bucker like watch, you know, watch something that like is meaningful to me or golf balls. And they're still times making it suppressed. I'm like us probably time for me to go. You know, watch like Netflix, not not so yeah. But you just have to you have to be really, especially if he doesn't know what that feels like like if he's like a Taipei always on up person, you have to be way way like over the top communicated with him. Yeah. And I think the last thing all end on is like in the moment when you're feeling really anxious and depressed, I think the most important thing is that's not a teaching moment for him. That's like a self preservation self-care moment for you. So if you're feeling that way, I don't think it's the time to dive into that kind of conversation. If he starts to say something like that just be like catch a hug, that's all just say exactly what you want from him. Him and I don't really wanna talk. I just want. Can you just cut me? Okay. We have to is it time for for a wrote it down. So. Could be forward that we just can't do. It's don't blame. Don't blame them should be easy to remember easy way. So this is the true test of the last episode, listen to you. What is this? Ooh. That means you haven't listened in like a whole. Season. Yeah. That's not true. No. But we'll let's don't blame them. No. I I wake you just listened to the first two episodes, two minutes cut it. Listen to like, the first I wanna calls. Okay. I'll explain New York guests. This is one callers listeners call in their own advice on previous episodes. Yeah. He is not listening to longtime. That's okay. I told you also told him like like, you know, like lean back out of it. Because I was talking about him a lot nosing. So this is from the episode that corn fill where it's a good episode is good. I really say that one. So the original caller. She was getting we're things in the mail box from her ex mulling target cards and just and she hated that. He was just like showing up on her property, and you Woodard, and he wouldn't really say anything also target card. Step it up. Yeah. On garden. Sephora Amazon Amazon would be the cows. The other wanna get back into her heart blooming onion. Sounds good. And so this the person that's calling with their advice has similar situation. Got all of you stockers. I've never had a I know I shouldn't be jealous. But like you have gotten a restraining order. You a true ten those cool. I don't know. I just told you the story about nut Stocker. But oh, yeah. Yeah. Good one headed thinking. I just wanna on his some advice for one of the callers the episode of that. And this is the last call whether go broke up with her faith and dating and a half years, and he sends her stuff in the nail end. She's uncomfortable..

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