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Andrew stotz and i'm here with featured guests cristiana tutor cristiana. Are you ready to rock. Yes i am making so much for having on your tribe one. I'm pleasure and we're looking forward to learning from you so i'll introduce you to the audience. Cristiana tutor is a successful social media. Coach whose goal is to empower women of any income level to start and scale their business to the next level through effective branding storytelling and social media coaching. She incorporates mindset coaching within her programs and helps clients out of old patterns transition into a or emotional state and shift into positive thinking. Cristiana take a minute in philly for the tidbits about your life. Fortunate to do what i do. Always i mean moberly. And you know i am incorporating everything that i've gone to help other used to save because i now that whatever happens happens for them and nice things really hearts have a standing asshole. Isis is listening. To be says is not just about slowly killing james though he ferrying social media can how are you going to go around your neck and your right as a woman because you'll need since succeed. We all no my national reserve. Especially because when you're starting out you run and mazing you don't know what we have available and so very important to have faith theon understanding a you can make money work for you why we get of mines mostly on beautiful all right so without further ado. I'm going to ask you the question. Now it's time to share your worst investment. Ever since no one ever goes into their worst investment thinking we'll be tell us a bit about the circumstance leading up to it and then tell us your story i marking and i was gonna be my first smells so you know some martin l. dare black. I got them aid. And i got to find that. The is noble dot -cation in terms investment. So i saw martin investing because you know sitting there minding to do a lot. Were you do to an out of elections for okay. Let me make money. We're from so. I should back so well easier than gun easily win on blue. He's involved band lice. Brad the problem. That i didn't know i haven't had any consideration to pass the wages nights really stone and some out of maximum all their tax always black. What does this mean that every time you get something like jane with will get facts. No that was one apple and then the problem was that covy game so you know when the bad news news showers wonders drank and then next morning when i woke my loss so just to understand that you lost everything what the price of bitcoin collapsed overnight overdone and there was nothing could do to same anything so i have not even after where the mice went on.

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