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Awaits President Biden, as he'll visit both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro is the democratic nominee for governor in the Keystone state. He was asked whether Biden visiting Pittsburgh helps or hurts him. I don't take my cues from what goes on in Washington, D.C.. I take my cues from Washington county, Pennsylvania. That's the folks I listen to. And I'm focused on state issues in this state race and trying to lead Pennsylvania forward. The White House says Biden will deliver remarks today celebrating Labor Day in the dignity of American workers. It's the third time he's visiting the Commonwealth in a week. Biden is increasing his domestic travel schedule, as midterm elections are just over two months away. Gas prices are holding steady as the busy summer travel season comes to an end this Labor Day. Triple-A reports the national average for a gallon of regular remains unchanged at three 78. That's down from three 85 a week ago, but up from three 18 a year ago. The highest price in the country is in Hawaii at 5 2080 gallon, the lowest price can be found in Arkansas at three 26. The United Kingdom has a new prime minister Michael kassner reports. The Conservative Party announced today that foreign secretary Liz truss will take over the position Boris Johnson said he was stepping down nearly two months ago after a series of scandals, trust defeated former finance minister Rishi sunak in a vote held by the Conservative Party, Queen Elizabeth II is expected to meet with trust in Scotland tomorrow, trust takes office facing a cost of living crisis that has seen energy costs and inflation soar recently in the UK. I'm Michael kassner. NASA says the next possible launch date for Artemis one might not be inter October, the launch was scrubbed twice last week due to two different fuel leak issues, the current launch period wraps up tomorrow, but NASA administrator Bill Nelson says there's no plan to pursue another flight during the current period. The rocket will undergo extensive fuel

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