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Barrel The case My money report is brought to you by bay Alarm. Protect your business with a monitored video verification system visit be alarmed. Com to get protected Today Showers in a slight chance of thunderstorms this morning has will be in the fifties. It'll taper off this afternoon by tomorrow, mostly sunny. Lads come back Sunday into Monday, and another storm heads our way Tuesday. 52 right now in Tustin and in Seal Beach, 44 in Mission Hills 48 in Pasadena. We leave local live from the key. If I 24 hour news room on Jennifer Jones lean Yes, Chris. Just hit it. Home. One man and Good morning Bill. Handel. Morning Crew. Friday. January 29. Flood advisory warning for L, A county big storm coming through mud slides. I mean, just a mess. Although snowpack news we're gonna have Mark Thompson, who is on appears on K. If I all the time, and he mark happens to be a Meteorologist. So he's joining us next segment to explain something that we really don't know much about that's causing this storm. In the meantime, let's move over a little bit of not so much politics. But what's going on in our lives, and that's how the new presidency may be aware has already affected your job. And one of the big ones has to do with people who quit their jobs to do two in adequate covert protections. Uh, can they still be eligible for unemployment? Well, yeah, they always were. But The whole definition of how important.

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