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I'm a creator, so if I do head, wrap do Komo knows I. DO Pants I do. Jackets I do shoes. You know I am an ultimate art. Huckler I don loud. The the non spelling painting to disturb me that I'm not an artist. So like you say you have a you have an at the. Hey, well. What can I do to get on at I've you pay? Five dollars are to five images. Laying there laying around my house anyway, you know what I mean so I'm very strategic and don't allow one closed door a one, no, to direct my future, and I think a lot of artists get discouraged when one door closed and shoot I'm not. They don't want to buy you know I'm bearing resilient I think my early my early days as a entrepreneur, even before I became a painter, I used to sell t shirt I sold out of like a head of fake confined a confinement shock when me and my girlfriend, we go around to different stores and purpose fashion at a broach, and then Charleston Jacqueline. Pay Anything for you know I've always been an entrepreneur entrepreneur mine. so as I'm not foreign to getting out there hustling. if I think for me a unique case, because I do have a business savvy back, marketing guru to some degree, and I have an artistic. So it's really all about saying if I WANNA, make five grand I have to start worrying about March and five brandon. January you know what I mean like. You have to give up to plan out there. Might you're trying to make so yeah? What do you hope for Abo creations to become I WANNA to be the go-to textile designer a color i. don't want to be a black woman because I think I. Don't know if you've seen other designers, I want people to say i. want that desire I want to look. At a whole line of designs that they that's the one we wanted to represent our. You know our our brand and so I wanNA, see myself from on billboards. I WANNA. See Myself on an airplane. I want to say my step. One Hsun from a global brands on anywhere for the Nike Puma and and you know supporting artists. Around me, I think for me I. Know I was given this gateway of artistic excellence to help others, so I want to get all the way to the chip, and it should be taught to keep the door open for others right, and so I've become almost like a business, case they. Never happened for House. It's happening so I. WANNA be able to set the price and the thing you want to hear my story. You pay me X. Y. Z, and then I'll teach you. Walk in he different corporations and teach him. How retarded that are has supreme talent, but they don't have exposure. And how to reach back other people like Melissa Michels in Fairburn Georgia. You know and so I think for me. I know that I've been given this human this Pat from the heavens to open up the doors of hope, and as soon as the as. when it comes to just finding their life, and I didn't find your purpose until I was like thirty, two thirty three. You know so I'm just a couple of years into. If I know this guy is not even the limits so much happen. Yes, speak on it magical. The thirties y'all do not be afraid yeah. Yeah I get! From bevy Smith I'll. Never, forget. GotTa gotTA. ADD Greater later late again, so one thing I forgot to ask. Let me know if you want us to cut this out. But when I'm still at brand collaboration, so are you also doing a revenue? Share with these brands when you do that? that I can't really okay. Yeah but I do think when you go into the room with large brands. Know your price. I always say start. Hi, it's just say I want a million dollars like okay, don't. You Start High, and then you find a number after with the you may come in with a million dollar mindset, but be okay, but walking away with twenty five hundred. Two hundred eighty thousand dollars 'cause. Artist, it'd cost me anything really to make this design, but I also know my value and my band as you know as an influencer that I can, I can create twelve million dollars the value from ten. Our design that I made in my. You know what I mean so it if knowing your price which you're comfortable with, don't feel cheated on you. Walk Away and then get you a really really good trademark lawyer on to make sure that aren't class. If you don't get the number, you want and still get many ownership in it though if you don't give me a million dollars I want. Want, point point point three percent of every sale. Even dollar. That's a dollar at your grandchildren will still be able to stephen the rest of your life talk about legacy legacy building. Yes, yeah, yeah, and that reminded me of you know you mentioned might have cost you X. amount to make it, but your creativity is priceless. You can't put an absolute dollar sign. And I'm wondering. Why do you stay inspired to come up with these fresh designs like even this weekend? I'm always studying different culture though I read a book called. They were here before. Columbus but I've advanced third Emma. And so it talked about the Africans that will already in the quote unquote the United States. And so it talked about this current that came from south. You know from. A the edge of Africa I WANNA say the West Africa South Africa but anyway came.

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