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Track four. Leo Laporte the tech guy. So this for a voice podcaster, even if you're going to play some music, I think this would be a really good solution. Anyway, it's when I got Henry. That was very, very good. I'm all kidding aside to really save me, by the way. Well, you want something simple. You know, first of all, how many people say I'm going to do a podcast in two weeks later go what podcast? Yeah, but Leo was an excuse for me to spend someone else's I love those. They didn't have though. I learned my lesson because my daughter was going to do this. So I went out and got her fancy mixer and microphones and all this stuff. And it was too complicated for her. And she looked to adopt what did I do with all that, actually? I think I gave it back to John. John, I think we have it, right? It's part of our massive gear collection. But it's just too complicated. The zoom is so much simpler. It's got four knobs for the volume in a little meters for the volume and then it's got four knobs for the headphone jacks. It's really just like a little thing that does a four person podcast in this very compact form. I think that makes a lot of sense. You don't want I guess they didn't want to overwhelm her either at first get her all. Well, that's what I did to my daughter. It just killed her because she's so good. Again, you need an you mixed with an iPad. The whole thing was just crazy. You'll need microphones. He'll need microphones, but you don't need you can use any kind of microphone. I would get the inexpensive SM 58s because they have a good sound. They're pretty unbreakable. And you'll need a cable and you might need a mic stand for each microphone, that kind of thing. But if you look at zoom corp, they'll show you all the stuff. They even sell a microphone. But it becomes big and famous, I'll be sure. That's nice. The credits wear it to do. What does she want to do? What kind of podcast? Well, I'm not exactly sure she's gifted mom and quiet and silent. I said, well, that's the answer. That's actually smart. Are you going to have to yell up later she could tell the world? Yeah, exactly. Well, he always always, you've saved that 19,895. You need an 8 ten mini, you need four HD cameras. You need lights. You need, yeah. Lighting involved, Leo, lighting. Don't do lighting. Yeah. Just too hot. I told Henry wants to do video too. Everybody wants to do video. I said, don't do video. Please. Just to block, then you've got to do me a favor. You've got to take my URL in my IP address. I mean, you've got to block your twit dot TV. Your equipment is going. That's great. Oh no, yeah, watching Mac brick weekly and spending all that money. I feel very lucky we got so much good stuff..

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