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In in the eu the former world footballer of the year george weah will be sworn in as president of liberia today in a football stadium is the country's first peaceful democratic transition since 1944 however the abode epidemic in 2015 schedule way many foreign investors and liberia remains one of the poorest nations in the world the foreign secretary bars johnson will meet his american counterpart rex tillerson in london today for talks on syria iran and yemen the meeting comes after donald trump refused to visit the uk to open the new us embassy is on diplomatic correspondent james lando uk us relations are going through a rocky patch both sides differ over the iran nuclear deal and where the jerusalem should be the capital of israel and president trump is refusing to visit the uk and open the new us embassy said today is secretary of state rex tillerson will come to london to pull oil on troubled waters and offer the now ritual reassurances about the importance of the relationship before the president meets theresa may and the swiss resort of davos later this week but in his meetings with boris johnson and senior security officials mr tillerson will also try to seek common ground on key international issues including the need to curb iran's ballistic missiles and regional interference and the latest attempts to seek some kind of political settlement to the conflict in syria the authorities in mexico say more than 25000 people were murdered in the country last year about five hundred every week the majority were in states where drug cartels a deeply entrenched but mexico city and the tourist areas of baja california also sold murder rates rise four hundred percent a survey has found that up to a third of young women in the uk are avoiding smear tests for cervical cancers because they're embarrassed to show their bodies to doctors the charity joe cervical cancer trust surveyed more than two thousand women aged twenty five to thirty five is chief executive robert music says it's worrying that so many women are missing the tests what staters saying is that women are leading spring number different barriers cycle cancers largely preventable sme tests prevents seventy five percent of all tobacco kansas if women are being put off tending screening there is.

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