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You're here for some spotting them. What's going on? What's happening Just laughing on my way into work this morning because Rob Kendall was getting raped. Over the coals by the sports Talk station upstairs. Is that right? Did you guys did you talk about this? I did not know that. No, No, it was they Rickard and Big Joe. Totally besmirched the good name of Rob Kendall. It was hilarious. Can I have a place to live it on my phone, please. I would love to hear them say no more right there. I don't think I get that. Rob Rob candles open already talked about the Masters dangling. Rob Kendall doesn't know what he's talking about. See the backstory is Robson. Rob said the U. S Open, which is taking place this weekend is more popular than the Masters with the player. Yeah, I said, it means more to the players to win the US Open. Then the master and you take a poll. How do we do this? There was Kevin Bowen from the fans and Rod Kendall doesn't know what he's talking about. All three of them record big, just days in the AC and Kevin born or jest and slamming him for that tape and and Kevin Bowen's dismissing father's Day and dismissing the country and happened Like Has this ever been asked of the players. I feel like this should be an easy to prove argument. No, I don't know if there's ever been a scientific poll. I just I mean, look there just without a doubt. A player by the winning Your Nations Championship. It's 100. What 121 years old. Now it's your national championship. It's the biggest golf tournament in the world. I guarantee it means more to the players in the master lock. Rob was vindicated. After the the three minute tongue lashing he took on the sport's station, Dan Dockage tweeted in talking. I'll be talking to the coach later on the South. Yeah, he tweeted in and said that Rob is right, he said. You know, I've talked Players, professional golfers and said the U. S Open is the standard is the favorite is the one that everybody wants to win. Really, Rob? Actually, I know we've got money on this. We can do you mind if we take a live? Look in at Torrey Pines where the U s open is going? Can we? Yeah, let's go. Let's go Live Welcome back to the U. S. Open a Tory pie Southern California going through a heat wave.

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