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I did not want to perpetuate and objectionable stereotype were facts in history supported my choice of setting the story of these white women in complete isolation after the slaves had escaped so this multiple choice i know it is already though can i just say up i have roadrace it were here all right your are audited lastly lars notice i see i told you this is going to be a little bit easier yeah even too unlike fan of her side are you mad that you didn't get this crime fear so a a david begnaud half empty be wise the creators of the proposed hbo series confederate oh this is a good question i'm glad you're eating the options for them proud of you marin the way it was designed also i want people to remember that so much other stuff half area area college america be sephiha coppola director of the beguiled or see joe per caskey who is a cocreator of the now now cancelled underground beat yes it is a vehicle cla who decided we talked about is on the show but who decided that she is going to make of movie set during the civil war in which no black people ready were to be found true when she used like one line dialogue to explain in a way which was the slaves escaped uh there are a lot of problems i think with that um his mostly since it seems sorta like a cop out uh in a way for her to.

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