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For some. I met Dan. Was One of my other businesses. Go big recruiting for high school athletes because they couldn't me if I'm wrong. You were the recruiting coordinator I. Know You still work at Lackawanna? College, but you're the recruiting coordinator. Right? Yeah, as part of recruiting and coaching the running backs at the time I, think it was two, thousand, six, two, thousand, seven, Ross, and You know I think for your listeners that just shows a pays to be good people and follow your passion. 'cause it connected me what you and here we are many years later. Yeah now dynasty theory is part of the Ross Tucker podcast network, but so Dan has a background in recruiting as a coach as a player and Lackawanna I duNno, Joe. How familiar you are jost from up in the eastern area. Right Joe Yeah I'm from the Valley and. Just a just to throw out there. My brother-in-law is a coach. The offensive coordinator at Moravian College in Bethlehem so he my brother-in-law coach the tight ends for a year or two at Villanova, He was then the he was then the quarterbacks coach up at up at. Mercy, Hurston Eerie and now he's He's coaching. He's the offense coordinator. Moravian College so a lot of Pennsylvania connect. He was actually Ross. a quarterback at Lasalle College, high school and in the Philadelphia area, so he so we. We have Pennsylvania. Football got on lockdown here and then Lackawanna Joe I. Don't know how familiar you are the listeners, but they have like twenty guys. Go D one every year. Not White played there the former number seven overall pick in the draft for the bears. I don't who else went there Dan that people might know. Brother Xeres a linebacker for the chargers right now. He's competing for a starting job with them. Mark Lewinsky's the right guard for the colts. He just signed a new contract. He's doing excellent there in Indianapolis. We got prospects all over the place. Right now we got Dijon Warren. WHO's got scholarship offers from about twenty five different institutions probably selling them short. They are Alabama Georgia. Penn state we have a bunch of kids at Penn state right now and we been high, and it's a great experience. When I started there, Ross. I really learned what work ethic in film study is I. Can't tell you how much film I did. Get the opportunity to watch. Watch in Kinda like your boy. Greg cosell analytics, guys, fantasy football, and there's film guys I love watching the NFL film and I learned a lot like want college to help me do so well. That was going to be my question right, so you're really a dynasty fantasy football. You've been emailing me last couple of years about how much you love it. You listen to the fantasy fees and everything like that. So most of your decision making is it fair to say comes from Your coaching background, and actually studying in watching the players. So then like how much time do you spend watching the rookies? So you know who to draft? Yeah it rookies has been like the next evolution for me. You know it starts on football Sunday I've got three TV's on I got the ipad on a separate screen. I picked the players I wanNA watch each week during the week I'll watch the subscription to the NFL access I'm watching you know things. I might have missed. There are certain players I wanna see, and then it's trying to keep up with college football, and then when the season's over you know absorbent, as much college football as I, can't it to catch up with the rookie class, and it's you know, believe believing in my eyes and a combination out of much knowledge..

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