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Terrible. But the team down that's on me. It's not the only man. Unfortunately. Unfortunately, that's the way and went into that. Cody is he's a very mature kid. He's taken a lot. He's had a he's had a an interesting year with with going through the highs and lows going from misunders kicks. You know, the one game to win and special teams player of the week. Yeah. It's been an ups and downs type of a roller coaster for Cody parkey. And he's not the only kicker who's been that situation. We talked about Chris Boswell a little bit earlier in the show. Ultimately, the eagles force the issue with that late touchdown drive. And while they did not have the two point conversion to give them the three point cushion what they did have was a situation in which they left under a minute on the clock and the bears had no options, but they had to force the issue. Now, they did. Well, Terry Cohen with a fantastic run back. I mean, I had a text from a friend of mine who's an eagles fan. And and it was nothing, but oh no with a bunch of exclamation points. So you have the Tariq in thirty five yards on the cake return in which he wriggles away from what look. Ashore tackle then Allen Robinson. Find some space in the secondary and halls and a twenty five yard catch and their infield goal range instantly. They managed to pick up a few more yards before they send Cody parkey out there. And as my eagles fan friend said to me, it was all about the time out. So Cody Parke's first kick was straight and true and a game winner. And I know doubt, I can tell you that eagles fans had that in their stomach like here it comes. And then second time probably Trayvon was at Trayvon Webster is that who who got a finger on its that was who was talking about it in the in the post game locker room. Everybody was pointing to the eagles Hester. I'm sorry. Trayvon Hester who got a finger on it. I knew that name didn't sound right. And so while that may have been a small part of it. I think if you look over and over at the replay, you'll see it didn't change the spin or the trajectory of the football that much it had plenty of height. It was just not on. Line. And if it had been spitting, maybe the different speed or it had been spinning maybe one iota to the right or the left will that. Maybe it bounces off the crossbar and goes through as opposed to doing off the crossbar and coming back out. I mean, that's sports. You cannot make this stuff up as Cody parkey said it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. I like the fact that Matt Nagy feels as though this is just a stepping stone for what's to come. He has faith and Mitch Trubisky. The three hundred three yards of offense. They brought in weapons to put around him. They've got a defense. It's fantastic. I mean think about it. Coach Nagy wasn't even hired by the Chicago Bears away from the chiefs this time last year, we talked to start the year be obsessed to be the best. That was our that was our slogan, and they did that they really did we have fun this year. One team in the youngest to hold that trophy. It's not gonna be us hopefully down the road, it will be, but we had a lot of fun and just love our guys to death offense. We just did our job and just try to get as close as you can to give our team an opportunity to finish it and just came up short. So it's also saw a little bit expected to end that way. You certainly saw the shock on the face of Mitch Trubisky. Matt Nagy all of the bears on their sidelines again trying to register what just happened shocked. I think they could form the words it's after hours.

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