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You will see two things if you are very observant or maybe three if you get out your, but noculars number one, we have a very special guest. None other than Killian. My dog is with us Kilian is resting behind me under the stars and stripes. He will be guarding. The Salem studios all day. And on our desk here in the studio from a very somebody very close to none other than John Milius. If you look to my right and original fit post of the original red door movie if your child of the eighties like me, this is the holy grail. And not only that incredibly this person. Brought me a signed copy John Milius his signature on the front of his script of the wind and the lion with Sean Connery. I can I'm just retired. Now. I mean, got it. Right. John menaces scrape the post my engines engineer says no don't retire. I think he's thinking about himself. But we don't know maybe he's thinking about Republic. So we've got killing in the studio for all your dog lovers. We've got the nine hundred eighty s mirror memorabilia surrounding us. And then we've got Nancy Pelosi. So Nancy Pelosi has asked the president to postpone or cancel the state of the union address, which is a requirement of the US constitution that every year the incumbent president in in written form originally has to give an accounting of the state of the union and Nancy Pelosi says well, thanks to the government shutdown. We should postpone that because we can't secure Capitol Hill for when the president the cabinet members. Come to give that address she says, sadly, given the security concerns, and unless the government reopens this week, I suggest that we work to find another suitable date. I'd like to ask you questions during our three hours together every day here at America first. And I'm going to ask you the first one all ready. Who is more valuable members of congress though? The average American is the security of Nancy Pelosi more important than the security of oh, I don't know. Corporal, run nil. Sing murdered by an illegal alien, and yes, I will use the phrase illegal alien because she seems to want us to believe that the congress men and women in the senators that safety is more important than yours and your family's because she doesn't want to build the wall. If she wanted to have a state of the union, do you know, what she has to do sit down with the president and decide to fund the government with the proviso of a measly five billion dollars less than one percent of the federal budget for the president to build the wall as not only he has been promising since he ran as candidate Trump. But guess what Nancy Chuck Feinstein the left has been promising foot decades. So if you care about the security of this nation, how about you. You don't reject the calls for negotiation. Is you have done now twice in the last few days and sit down with the president make the government shutdown end and provide security not just for yourselves, but for Americans. We'll take your calls after our first guest. In the meantime, news updates. For US soldiers have been killed in man bitch in Syria, suicide vests bomber just outside a restaurant detonated his vest. According to the Daily Mail sixteen people died, including those four servicemen and amac the ISIS propaganda has already accepted responsibility for that attack already. What has happened the left the so-called mainstream media is using this attack? The president who announced a troop drawdown in Syria last month. They're saying that somehow this is connected is that the logic should be sent more troops to Syria. So more of them can be bombed. That's another question. We should consider today. And then another update. According to Fox News. My colleagues have confirmed that another caravan is on the way to the border and interestingly this caravan, which started in Honduras was five hundred people strong heading towards America. And in just a matter of days, it has quadrupled there are now two thousand people attempting to come to the United States illegally in a brand new caravan that is already causing great great tension with Mexico because the people in Mexico, especially in Tijuana, not happy about the multiple caravans the left, of course, of labeled as what a manufactured crisis an additional little footnote to this story. Police in Honduras members of the Honduran border police have arrested one of the organizers of the original caravan. So not this brand new one, but the original one that brought over twelve thousand people up to the US border and this individual Kwan Carlos Molina that has been arrested. What has he what has he been arrested for rape one of the organizers of the original caravan, incredibly is up on rape charges? And when he was apprehended by the authorities the Honduran border police he was found to have multiple fake ID's on the him. Again, just another manufactured crisis. Not really breaking news. But we're going to discuss this, especially with guests an unbelievable story truly from the daily wire. This is Amanda prestigious coamo who has written that there is a family in the UK termed the first transgender family in the UK that is now encouraging the gender transition of their five year old son Jaden who is a biological male. And they want him to transition sounds so innocent doesn't it quote unquote to transition into a female. The little boys. Step father, Greg Rogers is the name. This person goes by is in fact, a Twenty-seven-year-old biological female who calls herself, Greg. And who now says that he is the step father of this little boy Jaden, and they hope quote unquote, that he will be able to medically transition in a few years time, they want this five year old boy to go under the knife to undergo medical transition to what they consider to be another sex. According to them, the little boys adamant that he is a girl. That's sentence alone. Adamant that he is a goal what episode of the twilight zone. Are we in right now? Ladies and gentlemen. Up to now, the social the social workers who have been called out to the home. The Rogers family home have yet to see anything negative, and they have no concerns with the parents decisions. We will be taking your calls after our first guest who is Charlie cook coming up next. 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