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But to your point too, like, I'm surprised the Caroline didn't bring this up in the scene where leeann more Mont. That's her name, right. Leeann eighty more months when she turns the whole room for Jon snow's favor, bike, this is the most sister's doing it for themselves of all even though it's in the service of him because his whole thing is like well support me. Okay. And then, you know, and then she like reads, everyone for filth and totally turns it around for him. Then it's sort of like for, you know, looking at him like her like he's the one why not her lineup behind her. She's the power. It's really. But you know, like, whatever it's like Kim said, it's it's beautiful to look at the library was certainly an amazing technical achievement. Wow. Like, I know it's all CG, but still looked super cool. But did this make me want to get on board of the show not really an in terms of it as like as a Representative of the series as a whole? It was like the explosion was cool. But I sort of felt like why was that in the first third of this, by the way, very long episodes? So. Sarah. Yeah. That's that's about where I'm at. I don't actually think it's that great look at either like maybe on a bigger TV. But I happen to be watching it on my whatever my computer's monitor which is dot. It's not like watching it on your phone. But the explosion was cooled the effect of the bell, ripping through the town square was cool. And then it was another hour of a bunch of rubbings that I can't tell apart. Yeah. I'm sure this was super satisfying for fans of the show. But I don't know two stories, and I don't know the people I know grime and wigs, and I'm not a huge fan of either in TV. So, but the thing is like this is a great presentation as usual, thank you Basseterre. But I I'm not sure I should even vote on this. Because this might be like a typical episode, and it might also be an outstanding episode. And but it's not for me. Like it didn't make me want to watch. Or it didn't convince me that I am wrong to missing out air about the show. Like, I mean, our esteemed colleague and pass gas. John Ramos who is an excellent. Bellwether of my TV tastes like if you started at the beginning, you would get into it. And it's like, well, that's true. But there are like two hundred other things I would rather start at the beginning of first including chivalry. Like, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to shit on it like, it's a popular show for a reason. But I- does reasons aren't recent. I don't I don't know. How else to put it like? And also this was this was long like a cute it up. And I was like oh my God. Submitter an apple. I know me too. It wasn't. It was an. Literally like, this better be Caroline or I'm gonna I'm gonna start flipping channels. And it was hey, curl. But sorry, I don't think I'm going to vote for this. I get it. If you haven't been watching, and I'm like, a casual viewer like when came was rhyming off, the names of people she'd one and the spinoff show as I think, I know one of them. My cheek cards or whatever I would need little flash cards. You know, like the like, I still like, okay. Her name is dragon. Mom, she's the Queen still like deal. Apple grade two level in iron fist. I know. Those are the two Tyrol's. So you said that during the show, I'm like, I don't know who you're talking about. Yeah. Yeah. So I've watched it. But I don't like absorb it. And I don't it's on TV. It's not something. I'm not like our lead moderator on the forums who lives and dies game of thrones. And she knows everything to do with it. And whatever I have a question..

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