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It's terribly wet. Look at how soggy it is there on the windward slopes of the Olympics. They just ring out that Rayna's these systems hit them at that velocity and look at the heavy rain. It's just been dumping and forks for hours now, rain coming down at more than an inch an hour, so it's telling up very quickly there. Thankfully in the interior. It's not quite that heavy, although you see some slightly heavier showers, starting to develop closer to Burian and see attack in Normandy Park and look at the rain shadow for a soggy as it is on the windward side of the Olympics. The other side, the leeward Side That's the rain shadow, not a drop to be found in some of those gauges there around swim in port town sent tonight so really amazing to see that underway. Look at the heavy snow flying over the Cascades. Of course, we have the past closure now in both directions over Snoqualmie Pass with that ongoing winter Storm warning 123 fetus. We spoke about a few minutes ago of snow telling up between now And Saturday morning. This is our weather maker. Just this giant trough of low pressure that big Friday the 13th windstorm. It just kind of weakened and stretched out and morphed and changed into this storm. That's going to last a little bit longer, but continue to give us these really gusty and soggy conditions. So the winds that is intense and short lived. Instead, they're just going to keep going and going and they will be of moderate strength. The gust overnight of 43 around Aberdeen. Look at some of these guests building tomorrow. Here we are. Four o'clock in the morning, howling winds up and down the I five corridor. Those concerns me bring down some trees and result in some power outages into the afternoon. They keep going so the winds lasting longer. Maybe not. A severe is first thought that they're definitely going to be a problem as we head into our Friday, the 13th overnight Tonight Dusty and Rain continuing to come down tomorrow. Just a messy day. We could see some thunderstorms thrown in for good measure to highs on either side of 50. So it does warm up a little bit and accord is it 49? You should finally see some more rain there around Fidalgo, babe, rainy and gusty near the beaches and in the eastern Washington. We've got some wind advisers as well, because the Gus gonna follow you the right over the eye 90 corridor and into the basin as well. How can you get across? I 90 that's a great question. Right now, of course, is closed in both directions. Heavy Mountain snow difficult past travel All day. Tomorrow we do finally get a bit of a break Saturday afternoon. It will be short lived the rain Rams right back up Saturday night into Sunday. Nastya times Sunday and again into the middle of next week. So bottom line from start to finish. Very messy. Mid November forecast. All right, thanks Shit and 11 Woodland Park Zoo has a new holiday light display. This year we got a preview of the Wild lanterns festival. Really cool out there. Giant lantern is making up animal scenes that light up the zoo at night. It opens tomorrow runs through January. 17th you.

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