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So there there wouldn't you say one and five it's weird down on him with the sons when you look at the standings. It's just weird that they're right down. There. Wizards are one and six though. And you're right. I think like it's like even if the wizards, quote, unquote, turn this around what does that even mean for them? I mean, let's just be the same old. Like eventually, I think so. After those. They had a couple of those rough losses. Right. They lost to the kings. Then select by the clippers and you had after those games yet wall and Beal calling out unnamed teammates for you know, for complaining about touches and their personal agendas and stuff like that. And Austin rivers calling out the guy saying their defenses horrendous people are laughing at us like it was a lot of talk and going on with this team. I what do they do? I know we keep talking about this. Is there any play to make them better? Is it and is it that mean, Trey John walls that mean trade auto porter does that even do anything. I mean trade Bradley Bill just who switch things up. What do you do wall is the one thing? But not sure how they make that try. We've we've sort of. Go over it again. And again, but I think we should do though. I think so. Yeah, I think we've mentioned that he seems to be the consistent problem as far as you know, he's one calling it his teammates. He's been injured member last year when he was down and they went on that winning streak and even Beal was saying, oh, great till you win everyone. I mean, so handy that's for sure. They will deny. There was a shuttle wall. Fuck Fuck you. you mean, he's out you'll winning. And you thought these cryptic tweets. It's Christ and Todd set in the positive years and years ago. It's like these guys that we gotta we gotta get on the same page. So but wall. Yeah, I mean, we don't want to go over the whole thing yet. But. Who'd want wall right now with that contact with that potential for those crazy things he's not even on the. Oh, yes, you're. Yeah. That's that'd be the Gilbert arenas when they saw on him one hundred eleven million and he never played contract with wall. Because there have been times in the last couple of years where we've talked about him as a top point guards in the league. Right. I mean, maybe not the taught, but no he he should I don't know where in ten twenty points tennis says be good on defense. He's never really committed to being good. And I think if he were to put that effort, and that would be huge for the for the wizards because right now, it's like if you get past one guy you make one pass or one juke move. You gotta lay up or a kick to the three because nobody's helping out because nobody cares about each other. They don't love each other. The whites going to bring back that fun. Bring back those farts. Yeah. Farts and fun tomato. And he did put up sixteen and twelve last year is forgotten the Hornets. Yeah, they can sit around and be a playoff team undoubtedly. But it's be highly highly odd surprising to see them like fifty wins between forty and forty five..

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