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Now, minus two Georgia state out. Home. Where are you on this one. I'm part of the Army money, but I mean, specifically got an A plus for anything over three. I thought Armory was hurt that I couldn't better now in minus two, So it's a pass for me. I mean, I think it'll be lower scoring game, but Not a high value. Pick Katie always tough to stop the option when you don't play against him much, But you know, Georgia Southern for years around you. I was going to. Yeah, That's right. I was just saying, Hey, you got Georgia Southern, their archrival that that does play and to me, If you're going to prepare for the option, there is no better game to prepare for it for than Game one. You don't have anything else you have to worry about. So I'm looking at Georgia State to take care of business down to 1.5 some places. But at two right now, I think the Panthers I like coronaries Brown and we'll see if they have enough offense and if the defense is able to shut down Mencken's offense, an army again right now. Total is 49 have some fifties out there as well. But you're just a to two point favorite with a couple 1.5 popping up. That game will be at high noon. Also, at high noon, the only line move that ends up going against Brad Powers from the 1st 58 plays that he played. That includes week zero week one. And then, of course, the future bets for the Games of the year. Right now. Kansas State of 3.5 Point favorite A lot of places back down to three, Um, with a little bit of use some of the places as well. Bet MGM has got minus three total 53 pretty much everywhere. There are some 53 a half out there. And Kansas State team led by Skyler Thompson. Deuce von in the backfield knows Brooks and Weber. These guys are back as far as receiving in Leonard's Pretty good, tight end. Uh, let me see what else do we have? As far as Stanford Jack West will take over for Davis, Mills, Jones and Pete in the backfield? Austin Jones pretty solid, and then you have Higgins and Tremaine. A couple tight ends and Fisk and euro sick and that's the thing that Stanford always leans on. Are those big tight ends your take here because I went with your early selection. I know the line moved against you, but I don't care. I'll take Stanford and give me three and a hook. I'll take it. Yeah. I mean, I lean that way. But I mean, any time you make 200 vets and one it's the only one that really moves against you. I mean, I'm worried and, you know, announced this week that I just read this yesterday. I mean, you know, Stanford can be without Michael Wilson, probably best wide receiver. And also a couple of cornerbacks are going to be out not just for this game, but for several games, so three starters out for Stanford, so that might be some of the reasons why and alliance moved against me, but Eileen Stanford, But I mean a bad bet. So I mean, it's unfortunate It's not bad yet. Stanford wins 31. Nothing's gonna look pretty good, right? No, I just I would still say I made a bad bad, you know, just because, you know, uh, just how it goes. So, Yeah, I would. Still saying made a bad bad. I'm not all about the result. I'm about the process. I got you, But when you hit 57 58 line moves and another service gives out the playing, So it shifts it because there's a lot of clients there. Don't sell yourself short. You know, you go head to head You know, with somebody from another service. Most people would take you against any other service. Brad Powers based on your track record, So, um, you know what is what it is, but you know what? I'll throw it in there. You give me three in the hook once it wants to 12 3.5. Katie's like, Yeah, I'll take a shot on the cardinal right there, and I will see how it pans out, even though they're a little bit shorthanded. Ul Monroe. Good to see Terry Bowden back on the sideline, Of course, the recent passing of his dad, Bobby But he'll have his work cut out and, you know, go from Akron to you. Oh, Monroe's have seen type lay of the land. Rhett Rodriguez transfer from Arizona run the quarterback situation that wrote a decent running back. They have a four wide receiver looks. They'll spread it out, but they'll go against a pretty good Kentucky team will leave Isil lead that quarterback situation there. Chris Rodriguez. Very solid Running back Josh Ali Isaiah Haps. And want to Robinson transferring over from Nebraska. So you know they lose one of their better defensive players. But Corker's back 77 tackles was, Davis said, of course, went to the NFL your take on this one. Kentucky at home in Lexington, minus 30.5 up to 31 some places total 54. Let me Kentucky I bet amount of much better number earlier and obviously prefer it not to lay too much for the Kentucky team that offensively last four years. I mean, it hasn't stopped 27 points per game, so they aren't moving to a new offense. More off temple, So I do expect more scoring. That's why later early with Kentucky, but just the way now the current number Alright and BP, if if somehow some of these rotation orders lines get out Oklahoma two lane. I know they flip flop this because they had to move the game from two lane from nor leans to Norman. So I didn't know if the numbers had changed, and they made this a different rotation number. But Oklahoma and Spencer rattler welcoming, of course, the Tennessee transfer Eric Grey Kennedy Brooks Still there solid backfield. Excellent tight end in Jeremiah Hall, and you know some pretty good receivers coming back as well. And then defensive end wives. Isaiah Thomas is back and Nick Benito. Those two guys combining for 16.5 sacks call back for the Sooners in a lot expected from this team. In fact, a lot of people have them penciled in for the college football playoff Willie Fritz. He'll continue to do what he does, and I hope his quarterback Michael Pratt, can have a pretty good season. Cameron Carol. Decent in the backfield average six yards a carry last year. Big green going to be, uh, up against it, but your take on this one as they shifted now and trying to Catch a line on this one. I'm gonna have to scroll on down side. Like I said, I think they moved in 31 31 a half ago. 67 your new rotations 2 to 7 to 28. There you go. All right. So where are you there? Can two lane hang now that they have to go to Norman. I mean, obviously practiced disruptions and whatnot is negative. But, you know, I don't think Oklahoma embarrassing. In fact, I mean, Oklahoma, you know, throwing the right carpet out for my two lane as university gets all the proceeds from the gate. Painting a field to lane colours as far as their of all roads and stuff, So I take her going was not going to go out there and want to kill him by 60 points, so I didn't mean to wait. Yeah, that's all well and good. That's very nice gesture and of course, with what happened over there with the inclement weather, But I also remember Oh, man, I'm trying to remember our new coach over there at Utah State. Uh, From Arkansas, so yeah, yeah. Yeah, George against us and say yes. Won't kill him. I mean, they're not going to you know, they're wearing pink for his wife who passed away and then they go out there and beat him. 55 Malcolm. I mean, that was one. That's where I said, You know what? I'm never trusting some of that. That niceness that red carpet stuff I said, That's you know, I mean, I get it. I know their intentions were good. But Blake Anderson, the coach, of course, from Arkansas State, who is now the Utah state head honchos, uh, losing his wife to breast cancer, So that's it. They went to Georgia, and it was everybody wearing the the hot pink and everything. And so you're thinking, you know, from a from a better standpoint, like you know what? Let's take all those points because they're not going to run it up. And you're right. 55 Nothing. Okay, So enough said there. They covered by three touchdowns or two touchdowns or whatever was so I learned my lesson as far as that that the sentimental rolling of the red carpet doesn't fall. Katie any longer. How about Penn State at Wisconsin? My wife will be interested in this one Badgers at home..

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