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Generation of Russian nestles including what you called an invincible Nestle USA that could evade defeat all of our missile defenses and you even released a video that. Showed the super missile flying over the United States, and hitting Florida very near where President Trump's estate is at mar-a-lago? Aren't you, escalating the arms race and aren't. You being deliberately provocative As? Far as the footage is concerned Doc They do not The missile is about to hit. The United States you have to look at. It, more carefully. Secondly you Florida There was not signed Florida there was not a caption saying. Florida they take more careful look at it. There's, just never No but you, can see. That it was flying over the eastern. Coast of the No. No, no it couldn't be seen the just take a closer look at Don grows Just carry a population with Francis Now I I'm pretty sure I. Can give you as a president this footage The, offensive weapons born out of nowhere they were born as. A response Unilateral withdrawal of the United States from. The ABM treaty someone that chill From the very beginning with been warning, our American counterparts That we I'm going to join the global. Missile system we see no purpose, for it but we'll do everything to make means overcome it Well the response of our counterparts was The United States how we design this missile, defense system because it's not against Is designed to be guided against you In two thousand. And three or two thousand and four I think, I mentioned mentioned one of those systems and there was no response from l. American counterparts So what we did, now we just demonstrated that we do have means to overcome the system. Is just a man go sheeting item do hope that in terms of strategic stability we'll be able to find a mutually acceptable solution. For both sides three and that applies to the, IMF treaty and the intermediate shorter-range missiles as well I have, limited time I'd like to ask you about the alleged INF violation but. I want to move on and ask you three final questions about Vladimir Putin When you were first elected in the year, two thousand? You were portrayed as. A democratic reformer you talked about the value of European, culture and you did not even rule out becoming a part of NATO what happened Well nothing changed. About me I. Am the way I am I. Opened the way I was I was elected as the president of the Russian. Federation, as an adult man In this age your preferences. Beliefs and attitude towards life doesn't. Change that much but we have to react to what's going on around us NATO expansion to the east saves casinos When the, Soviet Union was withdrawing troops from Germany Isn't it Russians. Should know we were told that Russians should know one thing that that NATO will never extend beyond the. German borders within. Two days it happened just bide our. Principal poster nobody give the, Dan about Posture Well we didn't United wants the United States to withdraw from the, treaty but they did yield despite our requests and not to do it all the requests wedding. Night and the examples abound take events in. Yugoslavia Yugoslavia President Yeltsin was Uniqueness completely against the this conflict and the only legal way to use the force is through the sanction on this acuity council of. The United Nations examples, of bone examples Lovie vans that deteriorated the status of our relationship The application of US legislation extra-territorially beyond its borders It would not us, who made this you asked me about Crimea Ukraine We're not us who organized a. Military cooler she anti country that Get a completely ignored. The constitution would not us who was giving. Byes on the square It is not the way to deal with such that Happened it happened exactly by our border so nothing happened to me what happened to you. Is what I wanna know what, happened to the west you say nothing, happened to, you but I. Need to ask you domestically not internationally domestically inside Russia why is it that so many of the people that, oppose Vladimir Putin end up dead or close to it former Russian spy and double agent Sergei..

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