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Really in Berwyn Tweets US at Jesse Rogers, ESPN and at Chris Black singing for David Caplan today, here on ESPN 1000 Wondering how the guys warning how you think the en bas would handle the day Sean Jackson situation. In contrast in the NFL, the MBA seems to be ahead of the curve on most things like this. Just my opinion. What do you think about that? Just do you think the over under this differently, I'll say is Adam Silver's by far the best. Mom in sports, and I do feel like because he's as good as he is. And as the relationship he has with his players that they would handle it better. They would handle it better. We know the NFL has not handled anything. Like If there's two choices to be made by the NFL, they always choose the wrong one. Right? Baseball seems to be telling that path as well. And Adam Silver seems to be on top of things. So I guess I would agree with that. Mike tweet us. What if we just cancelled hashtag cancel culture. Now that brings it's a funny joke, But I think Cancel culture does have important aspect to all this conversation, and Dana and I were just discussing the break because Steven Jackson's on his instagram live right now. And by reports of people who are watching it, and Danny's consuming some of it. It seems as if he's doubling down on his comments from Sean Jackson, which thus would get back to the assessment of if you're not going to apologize. Not gonna learn you're not technology, then you should probably be cancelled going forward. Is that what you think is his opinion is invalid. Going forward. It's invalid, and clearly he doesn't understand what's wrong with the current outrage in situation to what was said. So now I can't listen to it because obviously, I'm listening to the show. But according to reports, Steven Jackson's doing the Instagram live, and he basically said everyone's upset with me because I didn't say what you all wanted me to say. So he's basically doubling down on supporting to Sean Jeff. It's one of those. I'm sorry if you've been exactly which is not an apology, right. Meanwhile, as a CZ that's going on Craig Kimbrel is going to do a zoom with reporters, which one I mean, Which one should we watch? At this point, Danny monitor buffalo you We've got multiple years in this room. We can cover it all and also for the record. ESPN to Israel re airing first take at the moment, and they are currently talking about the Sean Jackson Stephen a talking at the moment. Max Kellerman talking about it, so they are covering it. If there's concerned, whether or not people are talking about this topic in a larger format they currently are on ESPN television. Yeah. I mean, it wasn't gonna get ignored. But with the amount of kids there's a lot of things going on right now, just Craig Kimbrel speaking. How his performance wait yesterday. We're We're keeping our eyes on everything with a lot of first take cover Craig Kimbrel's press conference. A lot of layers ton pack there, No doubt. Jessica, I ask you something about the NFL. Did you see the story about who leads the NFL in related marketing and royalty earnings for the last year? If you had to come up with a list of who has made the most money in the last fiscal year in the NFL, So basically, it's stuff off the field, right? It's marketing its royalty revenues. Who would you put at the top of the list? Kim. Give me one hint. Is that is it someone I wouldn't be? Wouldn't think of, you know, I mean, like, yeah, I think so. Tom Brady. I think number one is certainly going to be a surprise. Answer number. Let me give you Ah, number Where to Tom Brady list. Tom Brady was too It was number two. Okay, so we're talking about off the field and on the field or just off the field. It's just marketing. So it's It's not like his football contract, right? But so Brady was number two. And you say Number one isn't like, you know, Drew Brees like that on obvious star. Yeah, I'm saying it was an obvious story, OK, I just gave me the clue in that answer..

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