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What's coming up who's gonna move where thanks so much talk now of people wanted to DF a certain core plan switches just I don't I don't I mean I'm not gonna get into it what what's the FAA poseen Crawford and and and don't I have no idea what to do with brain about and this is the I've really just kind of stopped talking about belt I really have I've defended him for years in the past now I just there's nothing left to say I don't know who's gonna take seventeen million dollars he does DFI everybody so it's gonna be very interesting when it comes the infield for the giants moving forward but I like what's going on in the minors talk about Jay Lynn Davis is starting to smoke with Sacramento River cats is very interesting to watch his progression of the maturation process for him so there's a lot of things on the horizon for the giants going forward first the et's go we don't really get into too much on the show it's it's been a wild couple series for them I was very telling after they finished up the first leg of the bay bridge series what was gonna happen with with open going for they had Houston coming to town they won three or four then they swept the New York Yankees now they find themselves tucked into a second spot of the wild card right now right behind the raise and I think if you look at it they can be very very dangerous they are very dangerous is interesting here it is again late August getting into September we're talking about the ETS who I don't know what's gonna happen maybe fizzle out after the gives the wildcard fizzle out can I get over the hump this year we're shooting Babbitt on in this hour we'll talk about the ace chances in the post season this upcoming series against the giants and and going forward it's it's been a fascinating rise for the ace and here they are again scorching hot eight and two in the last ten I also want to get into the NFL's games going on tonight because it already baseball watch the New York Giants in Cincinnati Bengals watch Baker Mayfield stick it up as women and I were having a conversation about Baker engine berapa low.

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