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Way about highway 18 through the five curve to the Tacoma Dome. We're slow right now, Um, five by the Tacoma Dome. Our next report is at 2 34. I'm Evan Smith. Coma traffic throughout the afternoon. Our temperatures are going to stay in the upper seventies to lower eighties hazy sunshine out there Dido. This forecast on through Sunday and Monday Tuesday, looking dry as well in the comments, interference in common use. A somber reality for many military families this Independence Day weekend. Many don't always know where their next meal is coming from details from a B CS Mary Alice Parks. There are a lot of different policy ideas being floated. Some say that Congress should pass a bill to even out pay and benefits for the national Guard across the country and get rid of rules that keep them from qualifying for housing benefits. Unless they're deployed for over 30 days. Others say that Congress should pass a rule to make it easier for active military families to qualify for snap the federal Food Assistance Program. Right now, a lot of families don't qualify. Advocates say whatever it is Congress and the federal government needs to do something so that no members of the military or ever worried about feeding themselves or their families. Manufacture with another Cuomo extra. There is growing outrage that Olympic sprinter Shakeri Richardson will not be able to run in the 100 M race after testing positive for marijuana. Heather Fazio is a marijuana policy activists and says This shows the current policies are out of touch. We see institutions still lagging behind public opinion, whether it's government or institutions like the Olympics. Richardson told the Today show that she knew marijuana was against the rules but says she did it after suffering emotional trauma. She said she was told before the race that her mother had died. The US Anti Doping agency makes clear on its website that weed is prohibited in competition. We should not be penalizing people, whether it's through criminal penalties or keeping them from achieving their dreams, much like we see with this young lady Richardson recently won the 100 M final at trials and was expected to compete in the 200 M race this weekend in Stockholm, but was admitted from the events entry list. 21 year old could still compete in the Olympics if selected by the U. S track and Field team. The Tokyo Games begin July 23rd manufacturer Cuomo News NBC. Entertainment News. Come with me if you want to live. It's been 30 years since James Cameron's Terminator two Judgment Day hits theaters July 3rd 1991, the Sci Fi Action film starring.

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