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Want your labels fooling off. You're jammed as good. I welcome to trumpet trombone anyway. The man claiming to be a traveler from the year. Five thousand says entire cities will be underwater because of climate change and he also claimed claims photographic proof. The mystifying man. Known is edward toll camera crews from apex tv. That is part of a taught. Top secret time traveling experiment in two thousand and four percent. Three thousand years into the future to surprise man claims that when he arrived in the futures presented with a site of los angeles submerged great body of water edwards says. He's been working in. La in a laboratory and he was given an assignment to go into the future and take photographs. The man's faces blood is voice distorted tells the story. I'll tell you another story that will amazing you and also leave your astonished. He pays i to place. That was unbelievable. We're standing on a huge wooden platform. Not only me. Houses buildings of course made out of wood. And then i realized the same city los angeles was underwater and he brought back at pitcher to solve and proves the tail the time traffic claiming to be from the year two thousand four hundred hundred a great aliens with a distorted appearance will arrive on earth in twenty twenty two distorted aliens the trumpster campaigning again and a businessman divided opinion when he recently took a stand against brawny. Betting salesman. michael. Flynn has become fed up with customers paying with cash that has been stashed in at bras and temperature soul to about thirty degrees. Michael flynn is. The old general was basically fired by trump and the first week anyway he sought to put an end to the unsanitary habit by issuing urgent notice on the poster outside his store in dublin about stuffing money and bras and giving it him the notice mattress mic read. No romney juju increasing temperatures and for their own personal safety. Will we not accepting any brahmana. Sorry for the inconvenience. If i have my money in cash stuffed in bras would definitely be an a. Cup hands-free.

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