Eric Garcetti, Supervisor Janice Hahn, Governor Gavin Newsom discussed on Morning Edition


Spreads more easily, Californian shouldn't be worried that it will result in more infectious or more deaths. It's normal. All of my Californian friends and I have many, They should realize that this is an RNA virus. In other words, the makeup of it is already a already viruses. They make a living out of mutating. The new strain has not been detected yet in L. A county, according to the county's public health director, Barbara Ferrer. This doesn't mean that the variant is not circulating in L, a county. We have thousands and thousands of people getting tested every day. And we're just able to sample a small number of those The first case of the new coping very into the U. S was confirmed earlier this week in Colorado. Coronavirus surgeon L. A has gotten bad enough that there's talk of bringing back the U. S. Navy ship Mercy to the county Supervisor Janice Hahn says she's asked Governor Gavin Newsom descend the hospital ship as well as Army National Guard medical personnel to the county due to the surge. If you remember from back in the spring, the 1000 bed Mercy ship arrived at the port of L A and march to provide relief for hospitals that were preparing for unanticipated surge. At that time. The vessel was not brought to treat Coben patients but to handle other care needs and free up hospital beds on says Bring it back would support exhausted health care workers. L. A Mayor Eric Garcetti is trying to get the message out. And he says the negative coping 19 test is not a passport to party this New Year's Eve, the city will be enforcing public health rules that prohibit large gatherings, which can turn into super spreader events. We will be out there in force on New Year's Eve. LAPD will have a significant deployment patrolling the city to stop large gatherings and parties so we can stop the spread of this virus and so that we can save lives..

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