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In the barnyard because it was winter in the insects when longer present. So suddenly there are it's possible to keep chickens year round Jukes is part of this. He's a rising star into the Agra. Cultural nutrition and at the same time after he's been doing that for a while, several other things are happening. The first is the start of the antibiotic era. So I think everybody is some point here is the story of Alexander Fleming with his dishes of bacteria. Something blows in the window. Mold grows on his dishes in he realizes that what is excreted by the mold is killing the bacteria in his Petri dishes. And from that we get the first antibiotic penicillin which is a compound produced by the mold. When what I think most people don't know is that Fleming does that in nineteen twenty eight, but we don't actually get penicillin drug until the early nineteen forties. There's a long gap in which slimming does really know what to do with this compound. He is discovered, and then he gets some collaborators who figure it out. And the advent of World War Two makes it urgent to have something to cure people, especially soldiers on the battlefield. So penicillin in the early nineteen forties suddenly changes the world. And at the same time, the war ramp. Up enormously, the need for protein. So there's there's huge new infrastructure built in cattle pigs and poultry production to feed the troops that are deploying millions of troops all around the world, and then the war ends that infrastructure isn't needed anymore. There's a crash in the protein markets so that they need to reduce their costs. It's the beginning of the of the wonder drugs. People other manufacturers are following Fleming by by discovering streptomycin tetracycline and.

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