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Draft i want to hear your favorite forty niners draft pick of all time bryan young was a good call by the way meet impact brian doug this up ten forty niners draft picks have gone on to be inducted into the pro football hall of fame in canton we'll say what's up to the fellas in just a moment let's run through the rest of these calls mike and sacral quick mike you're on kabc tonight how are you great great thank for taking my call reuben foster he's at a very tough wife and any done very well for work what is the given in life only violent point is this he would himself in a situation where the law the da is charging him with abusing harming the woman and and the nfl has made that stance are made the point in the last few years they were not tolerating that it's over we're not end of the line we are taking a hard stance in here first off in the beginning i'm i'm a niner's die hard fan okay cool and this kid is lightning out there on the he is he's something else yeah yellow watching a player i think every every span does like watch them play when he's out there that being said personally i i don't think that the niners are making a good move with what is happening in his life and i think they need to i think we need to make a statement it's not accepted let me ask you this mike in your points well taken we'll we'll let you finish up in one second if it comes to pass that these charges get dropped would you still feel the same way you bet a great point and i was i'm thinking just like you women when they get a situation and that person the abuser comes back and say hey you know what i'm sorry overriding theme that etc right they're going to recant they're gonna recant sometimes yes sometimes sometimes right i'm not saying that it's happening right now but just look at the history of abusers and what's what's happened with with men who happened to go down that road right it's not good it's not good it's not good it's not a good reflection on the nfl you're on the niners now your mic in and everybody's going to have their own standard of what's acceptable and i respect your opinion absolutely i gotta tell ya.

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