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Th of birmingham alabama picking up the victory and his buick mike garvey was second mark day third the pole sitter scott sutherland was fourth and bruce stone finished fifth so mike garvey currently with a four point lead also the lead in the texas pete rookie of the year honors they'll run the all american challenge series will next saturday at summerville speedway in south carolina a lot of the drivers are now being introduced trackside and our reporters are roving around down there let's go down to dick brooks well i got geoff bodine and bill elliott rusty wallace and darrell walter all standing around here in a pile i'm never done this i never done this before i've been beaten bang but he's guys but i've never had all four of them standing there talkative he just have to michael way let me let me talk me to jeff boda why do you think about the race today well we hope we get into race you're one of these moments but we're just wondering what they're gonna do to his next year we're going to get shot out of a cannon or or dropped out of an airplane we can't figure out there spending us round this year that should be exciting but let's hope the race is exciting is the introduction bill you've had slumps down this year little bit of injury in a little bit of time out and what have you y'all healed up this is big money thing and you've took us away some you know back a year to go what do you think about today well i'm looking forward to it you know around pretty good here charlotte a couple of times and you wanted to slide to get back in track you sense oh daytona been really down and we've all been behind back at the shop because his hard to get anything going and i hope now when get can't lanes cana turn around and back on a forward swing a rusty wallace has certainly had his act together last year so and he got to hear a little bit of this last thing just happened the last two guys you get a little bit advantage to i don't know it's just.

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