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And obviously, we don't have to say Russell Wilson twice and Kaehler another time and in camp. Look that murderer's row that they're facing. I mean, after this game against the Dolphins, they have so that this is this is the fifth game, so they have the 11 games left and they play Washington in December. And then take that one out of the mix. The other 10 games are Like against really quality opponents in my thought was, you know you look at the first five games of the season, 40 hours should win those five. Then they should beat Washington in December so erratically They could have should of whatever or had the possibility the likelihood of going six. You know in those games and then all you have to do Is go five and five against the really good teams on your schedule and boom. There's 11 wins. You're in the play offs. No questions asked. But through four games of going 500, all that does now is it puts pressure on those 10 games against the really good teams where you have to do better than 500 just to be sniffing the playoffs? Yeah, buddy. Well, this is why we have fun. That's why they play the games and we'll see what happens against Miami on Sunday, so Great wide ranging chat. Matty look forward to your coverage this weekend and we'll talk next week. Thanks Mad. All right, Marker. Mac Doctor Later, Matty Naoko getting you ready in of Dolphin State of mind yet, Polly? Yeah, it's often stated my thanks to your alerts. Dude, I am now on notice. Dude, Oman Dolphin watching you be wary of the Aqua Marine are and like, you said, And like you said, if our listeners missed this today, and this is one of the great Murph quotes he goes, Pauly. I know what's best for you has tag. I know what's best for you. Yeah, that that Well, what the heck, I throw your right We'll be right back. Okay? NPR one for Sadie, these sports leader. You're listeningto Murph in back now on 1045 FM, This is knbr, the sports leader, NFL superfan Raging Reggie before sleep number. Reggie wasn't so raging. Let's go team, but Reggie and his wife just got the new sleep number 3 60 smart but its temperature balletic so they can be better together. Nice. Reggie used to have trouble falling asleep..

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