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Gillian Anderson gear to the fine planner with the clients. His gang. In our good, buddy. Dennis from Coronado California 's are Dennis are Dennis once you just call us. Stand what you're doing here. We know you, we know you down as used to work for Dennis, we work together. You know, but you'd rather just get you just right into this five minutes, you can't wait to hear his name on cast or the radio. Okay. Dennis are from Coronado California right to Joe now. Your reply was exactly to the point of my question. So another question about the QB deduction. Yes. It did, however generate a follow up question in my mind. I just wondered, what Allen would say about aggregating individually owned rental properties with an LLC partnership interest basing passing. I'm sorry through rental real estate income into a single rental business for purpose of meeting the two hundred fifty hours requirement. Now, what the hell out even advisable, your clients? Let's get more specific. I have a client named Steve. He's got a bunch of real estate, and I was thinking about giving this advice. So I thought I'd ask how, but instead of calling on going. Throw this way they can just Dennis can give the reply, you know, the audio replied to the client. I have no idea what the hell that questioning meant. I know what it means. Hopefully, let me let me give a little more background and actually rephrase the question. Thank you. Even I didn't understand it. And I'd already read. I understand what you said. So the, the question is relieving to Cuba qualified business income deduction, which is new for two thousand eighteen and and forward with this new tax law. Basically means.

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