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Get through this together sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Hey, Ta are news time 6 42, And here's detour Dan in the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center, Not a long list of troubles. But you you have a few Rex to talk about. Yeah, there's a few crashes, the eye tension and keeping us busy coming in from the West side. But one of the snags on the 10 did just clear vehicle into the cables eastbound East 91st Avenue out of there, but I'm still seeing brake lights from approaching 107th Avenue all the way in to about 83rd Avenue. Light to moderate Floyd. Even a patch of slowing coming off the south out one. Oh, one approaching the I 10 due to that wreck curiosity. It's been tough to transition through there. That's why you're slow. There's still other trouble. Eastbound I 10 51st Avenue onramp. Broken down Tanker truck. Stay right. And on the interlude, eastbound I tenants Seventh Street, a crash off to the right and we're still working Iraq in the south on 51 off right near Northern 152nd Avenue and Waddell a crash and 27th Avenue in Buckeye. Another. This traffic report brought to you by Hi there. Val. A Toyota dealers. The Toyota Summer starts here. National sales event is going on now. With low financing and special cash back offers. Visit your valley, Toyota dealers or valley to enter dealers dot com Today deter NAND teacher It is 99 the high today with partly cloudy skies a loaded out of 71. Sunshine with a high of 100. Tomorrow Your weather is brought to you. By Howard Air Katya our news time. 6 44 Arizona's Morning News News Flash. I'm Jamie West. Here's what you need to know right now. Will the Suns rise again? They lost Game two of the NBA playoffs of the Lakers in Phoenix last night. Game three tomorrow night in L. A.

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