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Members are the mission, visit navy federal dot org insured by NC UA. It stands 28. Now to return her in the WTO traffic center. All right, setting up the work zone 66 eastbound between 50 and one 23 once that is completely in place you should be down to a single right lane getting by then beyond that as you head past one 23 toward nutley street for now the works on there blocks a single left lane watch out for a brief slow down there, same with westbound, 66 as you head west of one 23, you're now down to two right lanes getting through that work zone between 28 center Volt two 34 business, a suddenly road, we're down to a single right lane through the works and now apparently a crash occurred in that work zone, but now the question is, are you able to get through at all? They're saying three lanes are closed there, so be extra careful as you head west of 28 headed toward manassas very slow ride there with the works and an impossible crash there as well. Cleaning up a debris spill on 28 Nord found north of the overpass from Braddock will only rotate up toward westfield's boulevard, that was along the left side you stay right to get by apparently a large truck lost a load of pallets so there is wood across the roadway there are also multiple disabled vehicles there as well, so be careful. If you're traveling in Maryland, that way through Montgomery and prince George's county is looking okay so far they are working up on 7 westbound between the Baltimore beltway and the bridge over the batavia river single left lane gets you by just after marriottsville wrote to work some blocks of right lane of three. Protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites call home paramount pest control for free inspection, 8 8 8 8 8 8 home paramount dot com, rich hunter W two traffic. Not a storm team four, Mike Jennifer. There'll be a risk of thunderstorms before midnight as a cold front comes to the region and these storms that do develop may produce damaging winds and very heavy rainfall. After midnight behind the front skies will clear in lows will be in the 60 suburbs

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