Berry Bearman, Espn, President Trump discussed on Mandy Connell


The season this afternoon we'll get up to around 56 with nothing but sunshine tonight clear skies not as called his last night 35 low tomorrow sunny much warmer highs near seventy thursday said many four with sunny skies on friday a week cold front will go by will drop to sixty four and then sixty with a few clouds saturday maybe a snowflake in the mountains saturday night we keep it try this weekend in denver from cbs forum ashton altieri on koa newsradio 850 am and 941 fm it's partly cloudy 45 degrees and immigration court judge has ordered the release of rene lima marine he was mistakenly released from prison after a robbery then sent back for a possible deportation to cuba at issue was whether lima marine had committed a firearms offence when he held up a video store in the year two thousand the answer according to the immigration court was no he was sentenced to ninety eight years in prison and was released some ninety years too early lima marine was eventually sent back behind bars which touched off this series of events leading to today cbs 4's rick salinger says the government can appeal we don't know yet when lima marine will actually be released thirty team people are now known dead in the wildfires in california but that number could go up winds have died down for the moment but officials stressed that conditions are still dangerous berry bearman is the napa county fire chief number one priority is the safety it's the safety of the public and the people there evacuated the safety of our first responders cinema county alone received more than hundred missing person calls hospitals in the area have treated more than one hundred people for burns smoke inhalation and shortness of breath nfl owners locked arms with their players after president trump criticized players who neil during the national anthem but now those owners might be reconsidering what kind of demonstrations will be permitted on the sideline a letter of ten by our partners at espn roger goodell says we believe our players should stand for the national anthem and it has introduced a plan to move past the controversy at next week's league meeting in manhattan the nfl manual already says players should stand the question is whether owners will change that word must goodell says his plan will include a platform the highlight players work on social issues brad mielke abc.

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