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Believe it or not. I was similar shy except blunt. So i wouldn't talk and then i would come out with something extremely blunt that would shock people and i've said that hasn't changed a whole lot at this point But a really quick question. And i know these questions can get boring sometimes. But i'm very curious because you know i have my my own processes of conductor as a pianist and looking at scores. I have a very specific way about how i begin them whole system that allows me to really formerly learn about the score. And of course. I got these from other people. I didn't create them myself. But do you have a technique for writing like do start with structure. I have this quote of yours. Maybe it's true. Maybe it's not. I'm attracted to storytellers. Who are able to tell a story in a different way in a structure. That unsettles you. So i'm wondering. Do you begin with structure or where do you begin. I don't think i do. I mean i think the Because i never went formerly to university. Or i didn't really study of writing or even or even film In any formal way. I did find mentors that i latched onto and people that i admired. I i trained with Both as an actor in as a writer But i think mostly it's it some. I think this great freedom and not you know there's a discipline that you learn about your own practice That comes from how you see the world and how you hear the world. So i think that's a little bit different. If you had gone to university and gone to more structured where there's you know yes i do know the three i play as i do know you know i read. I'm you know. I'm i consume everything that i can on on structure on story because i'm forever interested and intrigued by it. What works doesn't what can work for me What was successful. All those things just hungry for story at all times but i think mostly what happens is just that i'm intrigued. I'm curious about what it is you know..

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